10 reasons why South Mumbai didn’t vote!!

After so much anger and campaign by various agencies the voting % in Mumbai shows the apathy and short memory of the people. South Mumbai which went on streets after terror strike took candle light procession and labeled politicians as zilch. The people laughing the most now are politicians like Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, who dismissed angry protesters after 26/11 as ‘lipstick wearing socialites’, saying these people are irrelevant as they don’t bother to participate in the political process.

Sadly, nearly 6 months later, he seems to have been proved right. (As said by Sonia Singh in her blog on NDTV)

 Here are 10 reasons why South Mumbai didn’t come out to vote on April 30.


  • Clashed with Salsa class
  • Election whites not drycleaned
  • No candidate a hottie
  • Tony Jethmalani contesting from suburbs. Sigh
  • No valet parking at booth
  • Spotted servant in queue ahead of us
  • Driver not come
  • Elections over dude, Obama won!
  • No party tackling real issues, eg, reduce Goly Gym rates.
  • No home delivery!

Source: Rediff

0 thoughts on “10 reasons why South Mumbai didn’t vote!!

  1. South Mumbaiite

    This is the number 1 reason why you are a wad of sourgrapes who probably lives in Kandivali or Dombivali and wrote this post using a hamster wheel to power your computer, coz you don’t have electricity due to load shedding.

    I agree many south mumbaiites are snobs, but u can’t generalize the way I just did about you. Doesn’t feel nice, does it? Don’t believe the Indian News Media, because it’s full of shit and will consider even a baboon in a shiny red thong as breaking news.


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