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The Hostel Life: Full of “Bhaks and Fun”

Nanhe lived in the college hostel from the year 2004-08. The time has passed so fast but the memories or as has and his friends say “ADHYAY” are so many that it might not be possible to pen down each of them in this post.
The hostel life for Nanhe started in October 2004 and from there on he has met with various people. Some very interesting and some even more interesting. He and his few very good friends resided in Room No 212 and 312 of the hostel.
The first incident which comes into mind is that of ragging. Ragging was great fun. In one of many incidents, Satan (P S) was asked to put a big “Danda” near Nanhe’s “LING” and was asked to sucked it! In another incident “CHAMP” was made to run from one side of the room to another and was asked to blow horn at various virtual stops. Can you guess how he was supposed to blow horn—- By pressing his butts!!
One when Nanhe, Champ and Rawal Saaheb were walking in the campus when seniors like S Mittal asked all three of them to sit on rostrum near Arts College and pose like the three monkeys of Gandhiji.
Champ was asked to be “Jo bandar dekh nahi sakta” and the champ closed his ears. WoW! said S Mittal!!!!
At that same time Satan was running barefoot with slippers in his hands. Kya Scene Hai!
Then in the second year after Dada left Hiten Jain “Apna Profit” came to Nanhe’s room. In those 2 months there was so much negative energy in the room. The guy cried on every little things. “Aaj Garmi nahut Hai”, “Kuch Samajh nahi aa raha hai”, “Mess ka khaana bahut jhaantu hai” etc etc were his few statements. In August 2005, Satan joined Nanhe’s room and SS joined the hostel. Thereafter started—-एक नया इतिहास जिसमे रोजाना एक नया अध्याय जोड़ा गया……..

1. One Night Nanhe, Rawal Saaheb, Champ were very depressed of having no girl friends while Satan was enjoying the life with Soooooooo Mannyyyyyyy.
Nanhe requested Satan to find him the one girl as well. He readily agreed and next day Nanhe dressed in New Kurta and reached cafe near the hostel. He was made to wait for couple of hours and drank atleast 4 cups of coffee ALONE…….. WTF Man……….
The same night when the discussion was going on, Rawal Saaheb was sleeping but something happened and he suddenly waked and in a very बेचारी condition said to Satan– यार हमारा भी कुछ जुगाड़ लगाओ न……! Nanhe and Satan laughed like anything seeing the face and ishtyle of Rawal Saaheb.

2. While Nanhe and Rawal Saaheb cleaned the room every week and when ever they asked Satan and Champ to clean they will say “कल ही तो लगाई थी, पूछ लीजिये इससे……” They both will team up and continued to enjoy the clean room!!

3. Rawal Saaheb को बीच बीच में कुछ हो जाता था. एक दिनों वोह मोजे पहन कर सो जाते थे तो कभी सर पर रूमाल बाँध कर, एक दिने GYM जाते थे तो एक दिनों दूध पीता थे…….. एक बार Cricket खेलते थे तो अगले दिनों सन्यास गोषित कर देते थे…… Rawal Saaheb was just an amazing personality.
But he was like an elder brother to all 2008 batch people and was very dear to 2,3/12 room.

4. एक नयी भख पेली जाती थी in semester 6th when Rawal Saaheb used to get mangoes for us from his farm. खाने के बाद सबको message किया जाता था………“आम पेल दिया गया है…..”

5. The real fun time was of the exams when all the people ran for some अज्ञातवास to study. Nanhe used to taught new “AASANS” to cope with the examination fun.

6. Remember that SS episode. He was very happy that finally a very sexy girl and his old friend had break off with his BF and was showing interest in SS. Then one night he entered 212 in under wear and said, “हमारा चूतिया कट गया , उसका तो पहले से ही boy friend है” All the roommates laughed a lot that night and enjoyed the SS’s various comments.

7. The “BAAP” of all Bakchodis was when Satan and Nanhe had some very weird argument in night that went on to a bet. In the mid of corridor what happened is known to few. Satan must be laughing reading this. Champ was sleeping that time and rushed out of room and very excitedly told everyone.

8. There was one incident in Rajwadi. Maruti clarified that there is no chicken available today but our dearest Mity continued asking —-“चिकन है चिकन है “. Maruti was irritated badly that time. Yaad hai Mity kuch??

9. Our champ created new records every time. Champ had his semester KT exam and nanhe was going to Churchgate for some work. Champ came down to hostel with Nanhe and just before entrance to the college he said,”रुको मैं भी चलता हूँ “. Nanhe was stunned but then this is so especial about our champ.

10. Why was KK named Babu is also very interesting story. एक बार Babu की मूछों में एक सफ़ेद बाल देखा गया था और उसके बाद उन्हें Babu की उपाधी से नवाजा गया था. समय के साथ साथ वे पूरे कालेज में Babu के नाम से famous हो गए.

11. During the tour of South Africa in 2006, India performed very badly in the ODI series. The Champ was so disturbed by the defeat that he pasted photographs of few SA batsmen/bowler and practised hard looking at them.


Note: If u remember any of our bhakhs then write it in the comments. Lets’ remember all those funny moments.

When the RAPE is INEVITABLE, Enjoy It!

Exam is FUNAs you all know that Nanhe has just given his Examinations and is having a gala time.
The Oral Examinations of the final year of engineering was indeed a big fun, though few call it stress but Nanhe has always called it like a CRICKET Match. Nanhe and his team members appeared for 9 matches in the final year. Moreover, in this game of CRICKET you can hardly do anything when the bowling attack is unknown and they are allowed to bowl “N” number of bouncers in an over.

The choice is very limited and thus the best thing is to go out and enjoy in the oral examinations. Because any how you will be RAPED so its better that you enjoy the RAPE!

Nanhe devised few clear cut strategies which can make sure that you will atleast not fail in an oral exam.

1. Always wear formal dress. Your attire gives you five marks.
2. Comb your hair without oil and always BE CONFIDENT while facing the balls from the opposition. This can get you 5 more marks.

So you need not to do anything if you follow the above two steps.

In case you are lucky then it is possible that you are able to hit few balls for single or double then your total marks obtained will be 5 more. One thing keep in mind while facing “SNAKY” in KJSCE that he is very deceptive. He will ask what have you studied? Then will ask questions from all topics except those you told him you studied.
And never ask him for choices. He has only two choice—- Zero or 1 !!
In an oral exam you often go to crease with 2-3 players and thus you need to make sure that you rotate the strike so that every gets a chance to face a particular “ball” and if anyone connects it then it might fetch you maximum!
Remember, in this game of ORAL exam you need to compliment and enjoy your partner’s success.
If you don’t do that then you are stupid and will cause the harm in the overall scoring of the duo or trio.
Always maintain a nice SMILE on your face, no matter how hard it is getting!
SMILE can definitely fetch you few marks more.
B+ because even if you are unable to play a single ball then you have lifeline. But tat lifetime is very time consuming. Nanhe was offered such a lifeline in AWP and it took him 2-3 hours to complete the DRAWING of 25 antennas but later he score 12 marks. So you must be positive because you will hardly be bowled for DUCK in an oral exam.

So all of NANHE’s juniors and others who will be giving oral examinations, don’t worry and give a best SHOT and enjoy the RAPE!!

The Worst Engineer Has Graduated.

So the college life is over as of now for Nanhe. The exams ended on 5th June’08.
Nanhe and all his friends are now eagerly waiting for new phase of life. But what will they do now? Oops! they have completed their Engineering Education. Nanhe doesn’t knows about others but he considers himself to be one of the worst graduate coming from tech institute.
Nanhe is not joking and few instances in engineering itself prove this.
A recent survey showed that the companies in India say that every 26th graduate is unemployable in India. Nanhe happens to be the one of those lucky 26th graduate who have been employed by one of the good companies in the world.
The Roll Numbers 0413101, 0413102, 0413103 and 0413104 enjoyed their term together a lot. A especial thanks to them on behalf of Nanhe for making Engineering an interesting thing.
A very especial thanks to the batch of BE EXTC 2008 batch students and of course Original DIVISION B Rocks!
Marathi Gang!Nanhe still remembers the Chemistry practicals in the first year where we did the practicals very seriously, but once Rajju told that there will be no practical examinations till semester IV and all the seriousness faded away. Since then engineering has been fun with no sincerity in studies and there was fun all time. The Quizzes in the Labs, Mafia, Churree, Cricket, Volleyball (Remember that Competition in Mahalaxmi Hostel), Informalz in Symphony and Nanhe ने सबको बहुत पकाया. Sorry तो नन्हें बोलता नहीं है इसलिए ऐश करो and remember him with all those stupid things and talks that Nanhe did.

Coming back to the topic, now that exams are over and Nanhe feels that he will clear the exams so he calls himself a “GRADUATE” now.
कुछ बहुत ही मस्त मस्त किस्से हुए हैं जिससे पता चलेगा कि why Nanhe is worst!

1. Till date Nanhe has no knowledge of how that bloody transistor works. He did his specialization in ELECTRONICS & TELECOM, Oh My Gooooooooooooood!!

2. Nanhe never performed the practicals in the lab and was on verge of failing practical of WST but because of HSD he was able to clear that hurdle. Nanhe would like to thank HSD here as well. Thankyou Maaaaaaaam!

3. The 5th semester was very good. Nanhe scored 40 in 5 subjects and lost a bet to Rathi. The bet was that Nanhe will score 65+ in FT and the result was so good that he scored————–41!! ज़बरदस्त ! It was in this semester that the famous OMKARA Gang was formed and it is still there and अल्लाह कि मर्ज़ी रही तो ज़िन्दगी भर रहेगा ! जय श्री राम !

4. Nanhe still doesnt knows the programming on Micro Processors and what is the functions of that “stupid” DYNA!

5. The Microprocessor was repeated in 6th semester again with the addition of Memory and it was called Micro Controllers. Oooof!!!! The viva was even more fun. MG Deo asked Nanhe to get out and study and then appear for VIVAs. Nanhe did the WDT in pracs and when was asked question about that in the viva, he was screwed and he gave an entire NEW DEFINITION of Watch Dog Timer.
Ask 0413104, he was there! MG Deo को क्या पता कि नन्हें ने reading याद कर ली थी और वही लिख दिया था !!!!

6. The final year was real indicator of how Nanhe has done in the Engineering. First he was f****d by that Jhakki SNAKY in the oral of DTSP. MDC oral was ok and RADAR external was spell bounded by so many new answers from Nanhe. Nanhe still remembers her face!! That was so soothing because ऐसे उत्तर दिए थे कि उसे भी अपने CONCEPTS से विश्वास उठ गया होगा . Then all records were broken when JMK herself asked “Do you deserve to pass in oral of DCom?”
Nanhe lost the 4 match series 1-3.

7. The final semester was so easy going until March. Then Nanhe and his group realized that अरे हम लोग को project भी करना है in the final years. Then Nanhe and his team executed the code of VHDL but it wasn’t working. So many people came and TRIED to help but in vain. Finally the code was done. But a day before the presentation and Vivas his team came to know that we have developed something different than what was intended!!!! ई कौन चीज़ ……….. कुछ नया ही बन गया बे……!!

8. Then again the season started and this time the series was of 5 matches. All matches were Ok. But you cannot keep Nanhe away from hogging limelight for too long and so he made a new record.
In the oral of OFC, internal was DPK and external was—– OMG that radar female is there again! कोई बात नहीं….आज भी इसका band bajega! And guess what in a reply to one question, Nanhe transmitted two analog signals in an Optical Fiber. Isn’t that great?

Apart from this, in the theory exam Nanhe and number 0413104 never knew any concepts and always by heart everything that came in way of an answer. Luckily there were hardly any conceptual based paper in MU so it was smooth sailing. But when Nanhe looks back, he realizes that what a mockery of Engineering?

The four years have passed and now Nanhe and all his friends will leave for different places for job or higher studies. But it is because of “Telecommunication” that they can still remain in touch with each other. It was fun at KJSCE with so many good experiences and few really very bad and that tussle with the College Management was great!
Nanhe would like to thank all his classmates and all the students who helped him in these 4 years and their memories are etched in his mind forever. Wishing the luck to everyone.

Here is a pic of BE EXTC “B”.

The people who can spot Nanhe, please add your some memorable moment.

Class of BE EXTC 2008Nanhe has dedicated this song from a HINDI फिल्म दोस्ताना : The song is in voice of legendary Kishore Da and Rafi Saaheb!

Bane chaahe dushman zamaana humaara -2
Salaamat rahe dostaana humaara
Bane chaahe dushman zamaana humaara
Salaamat rahe dostaana humaara
Salaamat rahe dostaana humaara
Bane chaahe dushman zamaana humaara
Salaamat rahe dostaana humaara

Woh khwaabon ke din woh kitaabon ke din -2
Sawaalon ki raaten jawaabon ke din
Kayi saal humne guzaare yahaan
Yahin saath khele hue hum jawaan, hue hum jawaan
Tha bachpan bada aashiqaana humaara
Salaamat rahe dostaana humaara
Bane chaahe dushman zamaana humaara
Salaamat rahe dostaana humaara

Na bichhdenge mar ke bhi hum doston -2
Humein dosti ki qasam doston
Pata koyi poochhe to kehte hain hum
Ke ek duje ke dil me rehte hain hum, rehte hain hum
Nahin aur koyi thikaana humaara
Salaamat rahe dostaana humaara
Bane chaahe dushman zamaana humaara
Salaamat rahe dostaana humaara
Salaamat rahe dostaana humaara
Bane chaahe dushman zamaana humaara
Salaamat rahe dostaana humaara

Sarkar Raj is one of the best movie by RGV

Well the exam pressure is over from Nanhe and he is enjoying and relaxing by seeing some quality movies all this week. As fas as Nanhe is concerned, he is in deep love with the Dark and Offbeat films. The films which are bit different and instead of providing the entertainment, they give you something to ponder over with or discuss with the friends. The film which Nanhe saw just few hours ago is SARKAR RAJ.
Poster Sarkar Raj

The movie has got some extreme reviews with few really appreciating the movie while some going out and out against the film. But the reviews given by critic is totally based on his knowledge and liking and of course prejudice about the film and film maker. So here is the word of advise to you all that please don’t decide which film to watch depending on the reviews or ratings given by the critic. Use your commonsense and just go out for the film. If you do this then their is high percentage that you will not be disappointed. This review rating is all the part of business and you can have your own reviews as well!!
SARKAR RAJ is the sequel of SARKAR (though there should be no comparison of which part was better) and starts from where the first part ends. Abhsihek Bachchan has took the seat of Sarkar and his only motive of the life is ” Welfare of the People”. He continues with his work and in the way he becomes itch for many in the Politics. If you have decent understanding of how the politics is being played or is played then SARKAR RAJ is must watch. Nanhe has always believed that there is so much to learn from each movie, no matter how bad the movie is.

The biggest lesson you get from the movie is that “Jab hum Zindagi apni Shart par jeete hain to usski keemat chukaani padti hai.” It is always better that we are ready for that. How the political games are played and once you develop an understanding of the same you will realize that it is better than the Chess.

Sarkar Raj not only captures a true positive image which embarks upon some leaders, but also the faith and courage that co-exists in their souls to make them what they are.
amitabh bachchan as SARKARComing back to movie, Abhishek is damn good with his get up, performance and everything he does suits him and he has given a superb performance. Aishwarya has done her part very well. But the “Baap” of all the actors and an institution himself, AMITABH BACHCHAN delivers yet another powerful and great performance. He is menacing in his dark dhoti- kurta and Ramu has exploited his talent to the full by giving us tight close ups all through. Big B emotes with subtle flexing of his facial muscles and without resorting to exaggerated mannerisms that seem the standard tool of most ‘baddies’. The new faces in the film are also well moulded and Bala, without any dialogue is very good. The technical aspects is also good and the movie with no songs and dance sequence grips you for odd 130 minutes. The chant of Govinda – Govinda in the background is awesome and it shakes you within. Few of the best dialogues are:
1. “Is project par sirf Imaandar log kaam karenge.”
2. “Jaan Lena Jurm hai, Sahi samay par jaan lena RAJNITI Hai.”
3. “Mantriji se kahiye agar woh Maharshtra ke baare mein sochenge tab Maharashtra unke baare mein sonchega.”

Ram Gopal VarmaThe movie is full of some really very good dialogues. There is something so very especial about RGV is that despite of so many negative reviews and criticism, he has always preferred to make a different film and is treat for movie lovers like Nanhe. He is the one director in the industry who has always set the trend and is delight for the actors too to work with him. ABs have said that Ram Gopal Varma is a different director and its great to have very few people like him.
This uniqueness of RGV is something so especial and you become “Murid” of such a person who despite having failed in experiments delivers again and yet again.
As my fellow blogger bookeazy says: Sarkar Raj does teach you a thing or two. It asks you to look a little deeper into the scenario. It urges you to take action about the corrupt and devilish politicians. Kindly see this movie if you care for our country. Although its just pure fiction, comon.. so what it is?