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AC (Aisi)1st Journey in Sleeper-2 coach

Nanhe experienced a great journey by train with friends while returning home on the occasion of Diwali.
The journey was great because none of the friends were having a confirmed reservation ticket and to travel without reservation for 1425 Kms and 24 hours has to be a memorable one.



PD and Saaheb did their reservation a week earlier and a railway ticket agent assured them to get their tickets confirmed through VIP quota. Nanhe was in dilemma to go home as he was not sure of getting leave. His leave got approved on Friday, October 24 and he went to reservation counter to get a Wait Listed Ticket so that he can go along with PD and Saaheb. The kismet was at its peak and he couldn’t get the ticket. So he bought a General Class Ticket and boarded the train. All three reached the source station at 14:30 hours. The chart was still not prepared and so they waited on station to know their seats. Meanwhile Railway Agent was assuring us that he will get their tickets confirmed but there is common saying that “Jab Kismet ho Gaandu to Kya Karega Paandu” and thus they came to know that there tickets have not been confirmed. They were mentally prepared so there was no problem for them. But Saaheb wanted to shout at the agent for once. He called him and the agent told Saaheb that he will board the train at the next station and will clear at least one seat. Meanwhile PD and Nanhe occupied a 1st AC seat in coach S2 of the train [They occupied the space just as you enter the door of a railway compartment. There was a door at a distance of 6 inches and so fully AC seat :)]

PD sleeping on Bhagona

PD sleeping on Bhagona

Well the train started and there were at least 20 people mostly young sitting on floor in that 4’x2′ space. PD occupied a throne though and he sat for at least 18 hours on that throne. The throne was well wrapped BHAGONA that you can find in the kitchen. Nanhe was sitting on PD and no price for guessing on what he was sitting….Ha Ha… Saaheb was sitting with legs outside the door and a new friend of theirs who was also traveling without reservation.

The first incident took place 15 minutes after the train started. PD was sitting on his throne when two sexy girls passed by and asked PD if he has seen a blue coloured bag.

Web of Legs

Web of Legs

There were 20 people there but why was only PD pointed? Well I don’t have any answer. But you can reach a conclusion when a young man asked PD again after 5 min if he has seen his shoes. Well Saaheb and Nanhe laughed endlessly on seeing PD’s face that time. PD also enjoyed the moment and said,“Kya Yaar agar meri seat confirm nahi hai to humko tumne to chor samajh liya hai.”

Train reached the next station and Saaheb was waiting for that agent who has promised to board the train but as expected he didn’t turned up. They knew that will have to travel without reservation. There was no point on crying so Nanhe told his ages old philosphy—- When the Rape is Inevitable, Enjoy It!!!!!

The train moved on and every one was chit chatting. The path to toilet in the train was overcrowded and therefore the people were having difficulty and the pantry person were also not able to pass. There was a competition going on of long jump…… One had to jump at least 4-5 feet to go to the other side. Few who were not able to do so landed on the web of the feet in the way. PD suffered the most as his foot was injured 2-3 times. The pantry waala was unable to sell and so he requested all the people sitting to have a cup of tea.. :)

After 23:30 train crossed, a major station and with that a cold wave started as they entered the state of MP. The AC of S2 was fully on and all the blankets, bedsheets, sweaters etc came out from the baggage. The train was running at a speed of 120 Km/h and so was the AC. The door was closed and everyone tried to sleep in the position he was in. Nanhe was sleeping on that bhagona, PD was sleeping with his legs stretched out over every one else and was flat on the floor. Saaheb was doing his abs exercise with back on floor and legs at an angle of 90 degrees on wash basin. It was getting cooler and cooler. Saaheb and Nanhe were under blanket and they appeared as a beggar outside a temple. Moving from one position to another and going here and there continued whole night. Nanhe was busy shooting the various innovative poses to sleep as he saw in the compartment.

The night went SMOOTHLY and now there was a rush to be fresh at the earliest. Saaheb was waiting. PD commented, “Saaheb aapko yaha bhi waiting mili hai kya.” Everyone had smile on their face after hearing the comment. A lady came and asked Saaheb if the toilet was empty. Saaheb told her in English– Both are full and I am already in waiting….. PD decided that he will wait till he reaches home.

As the sun rose, door of the compartment was opened again and PD and Nanhe occupied the seat. The journey full of antakshari, bhaks, tease, weird comments went on and train reached Kanpur. Saaheb got down at Kanpur. The train was almost empty. PD and Nanhe finally got a seat in the train. Only Nanhe can tell you how it feels to get the seat after sitting for 20 hours. In the mean time, PD got engaged in a personal discussion with a lady. There is something especial about PD, that hot aunties get attracted towards PD. :)

PD and Nanhe jumped at Manaknagar railway station and took tradition rickshaw to reach home. As both of them reached home, all the tiredness went away. The joy of being with family can’t be expressed and it is even great on a festival.

Sex in Morning

A STEAMY sex session in the morning can keep you in good health, say researchers.

According to a research from Queen’s University in Belfast, a good morning session at least three times a week decreases the risk of heart attack or stroke by half and a regular session improves circulation, thereby reducing blood pressure.

According to a study in New Scientist, a steamy session twice a week enhances IgA, an antibody that provides protection against microbes that multiply in body secretions, reports The Sun.

Morning sex also helps in alleviating arthritis and migraine. It burns around 300 calories an hour that simultaneously diminishes the risk of developing diabetes.

Moreover, an American study involving 300 sexually active women whose partners did not use condoms revealed that they were less prone to de pression.

Working singles are the unhappiest

They’re trendy, career-driven and childfree, yet working singles are the unhappiest lot, says a new Australian research.

The Australian population has been divided by “profilers” into five categories in a bid to understand their lives and issues that impact well-being.

The new social categories are- connected retirees who are happy but possibly poor, financially secure working couples who are well educated, happy and rich; time-pressured couples with children who are stressed but happy; dissatisfied working-age singles who are healthy and successful but unhappy; marginalised Australians who have no money and are the unhappiest of all.

The research, released by the federal Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs Department, surveyed 6000 adults questioning ‘clusters’ about work, relationship, finances, well being, health and risky behaviours.

The survey showed working singles are unhappier than retirees, working couples and young families. Researchers noted that the cluster survey was ‘broadbrush’ but significant enough to categorise each group.

The singles group, which had an average age of 33, includes singles who worked full time, earned more than an average income and had fair job satisfaction. Yet despite all of the above, despite good connections with family and friends, they were unhappy about their single status and had ‘low life satisfaction’.

The only unhappier Australians were those on the margins, who include single parents, the unemployed and those with disabilities. Psychologist Evelyn Field says singles working long hours were dissatisfied about having no partner. “They would be anxious, stressed and depressed at times,” The Daily Telegraph quoted her, as saying.

However, Flinders University health and well-being expert, Professor Carol Grbich, said there were two stories about singles. “The survey fits with what has been going on with singles for a long time, but the question is why?” said Professor Grbich. “Certainly, it is the singles who are depressed, who commit suicide at much higher rates,” she added. She says her own children reflect the single status as being in “this transitional stage”.

“My feeling is society is stuck in this transitional stage between coupledom and singledom and its range of other options, but for some people, they don’t adjust (to the single state),” she said.

Source Times of India