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A Night during Ganesh Festival in Mumbai!

Ganpati Festival is going on in full swing in Mumbai. The decoration of various pandals throughout the city is delight to watch. The best time to go around and offer prayers to these pandals is during the night. The main reason being that there is fewer crowds and you can have a good “darshan” of deity.

Nanhe and his friend doctor (Dr) decided to visit few of the pandals on Saturday night. Nanhe finished his work and went to the hostel of Dr. There a plan was made to leave for Saaki’s house where an awesome biryani was waiting for them. Nanhe returned to hostel to accompany Dr aroung 1:30am. Nanhe was extremely tired and it was decided that they will leave after an hour. But when you are this tired, you cannot sleep for only an hour. So finally they left at 4am, Sunday morning. Dr had bike, as soon as they unlocked the bike, Dr observed that Rear View Mirror of bike is missing. He exclaimed, “Mumbai mein Bhaiye bahut ho gaye hain.” ( Nanhe and Dr are from UP too) :)

Later it was noticed that petrol has also been stolen from bike. Both thought that their plan is taayein taayein Fishhhh now. As Dr was busy abusing, a foe of doctor arrived with his bike. Casually, Dr told him the story. To their surprise he offered them his bike. Dr wondered and couldn’t believe that he is helping them. But they accepted the offer as both of them were excited to go on divine ride.

Out of the blues, doctor asked our bloody Nanhe to drive bike. Nanhe knew driving bike but this was the first time that he was driving bike on the roads of India’s financial capital. It was great fun for him moving from one pandal to other. Before reaching Ganesh Galli they have covered more than half a dozen pandals. Nanhe was driving like Shatabdi Express. Dr and Nanhe parked the vehicle near bus stop where more than 20 bikes were parked and joined queue for darshan. The Pandal was replica of Kedranath Temple and was really beautiful. Dr and Nanhe went in and then enjoyed a mini fare there. They played few games, tried their hands in shooting and got their name written on rice grain. In a shooting competition both Dr and Nanhe had an accuracy of 80%.
It was a moment when they felt they were in their childhood. It was really fun.

Then they were supposed to go to GSB Wadala. But when they reached the area where their bike was parked, they couldn’t locate it. A police man told them it has been lifted by traffic police and asked to go to Bhoiwada Police Station near Parel. There was no vehicle available as road was blocked and so they both went walking and reached the police station. Their policeman told that as their bike is at Byculla Police Station near Ranibagh. Nanhe and Dr realized that there was something “big” in store for them. They were enjoying this test and were laughing on their “Kismet” and Dr was comparing all the happenings with his infamous “SCRIPT THEORY”. Jo Likha hota hai Wahi hota hai!! Chalta Chalte band baj rahi thi…. :) :)

Well they caught a bus to Byculla but then that bus stopped at Lalbagh and they had to cover more than 2.5 km distance walking again. On reaching Ranibagh doctor realized that by getting down to different stop near Ranibagh they would have traversed the distance in less than 10 minutes. But it was too late…. They laughed again and got their bike released from the station by paying Rs 200/-. Nanhe drove the bike and soon the bike was talking to air. Their was sense of victory for no reason in Dr and Nanhe. :)

Then they went to GSB Wadala. There was no parking problem but with the previous “tragedy” they parked their vehicle on the parking area told by the traffic hawaldar. It took more than 15 minutes to park bike. Phew… :) 😉
After darshan they left for the hostel. It was memorable morning with every incident unfolding in the way with accordance with the Script Theory. But it couldn’t deter Dr and nanhe and they visited all the pandals they have planned before. Probably, this was karma for their deeds or test by Lord Ganesha. Whatever; the bottom-line was it was great morning!!!!

राष्ट्रिय ध्वज!!

A poem written by Harivansh Rai Bachchan. Nanhe thought of sharing this with all of you. Independence Day fervor is gripping country. Lets’ celebrate this day with this poem.

नागाधिराज श्रृंग पर खडी हु‌ई,
समुद्र की तरंग पर अडी हु‌ई,
स्वदेश में जगह-जगह गडी हु‌ई,
अटल ध्वजा हरी,सफेद केसरी!

न साम-दाम के समक्ष यह रुकी,
न द्वन्द-भेद के समक्ष यह झुकी,
सगर्व आस शत्रु-शीश पर ठुकी,
निडर ध्वजा हरी, सफेद केसरी!

चलो उसे सलाम आज सब करें,
चलो उसे प्रणाम आज सब करें,
अजर सदा इसे लिये हुये जियें,
अमर सदा इसे लिये हुये मरें,
अजय ध्वजा हरी, सफेद केसरी!