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Ganeshotsav@Milo’s Place and Aksa Beach!!

Milo, a friend of Nanhe called him to visit Ganpati at his place last Sunday. Nanhe and his couple of colleagues decided that they will go to Milo’s place together in the evening. Nanhe and Maggi met at Dadar station. Nanhe didn’t have his lunch so they both enjoyed lunch together. In the mean time, Deshmukh Saaheb/Deshmukh joined them. They both then went to Malad by the local train. None of them knew the house of Milo but it is easy to find the way in today’s Hi Tech world. They reached Malad and called Milo to know where to proceed from the station. Milo said that his house was “stone throw away” distance from the station. Milo guided them “perfectly” and that “stone throw away” distance increased by few meters. Any how they reached Milo’s place.

Ganpati decoration was going on at Milo’s place. All 3 of them enjoyed the hospitality of Milo. Milo along with our very idiot Nanhe cracked some really big PJ’s. Deshmukh Saaheb as always was silent but observing the things very closely. Maggi was ebullient after drinking couple of glasses of Fanta. After spending some time, they had photo session with Ganpati Dev@Milo’s place. Then all 3 of them left and had corn/samosa near Milo’s building. It was from here that things started going as per “planned” and few really funny events unfolded. Deshmukh ordered for Butter Corn but that corn waala added butter for sake of it. Nanhe commented “Butter sirf sungha raha hai”. The corn seller got angry and said “poora daaloonga to paise jyaada lagenge.” Nanhe said “daal do. paise to Deshmukh ko dene hain.” :)

Since all 3 of them were at Malad, they decided to visit Aksa Beach. Milo again told them that Aksa Beach was very near from other side. They crossed the bridge and took auto. While walking, Nanhe held hand of Maggi whenever Deshmukh Saaheb was not watching. It was fun for both of them with Nanhe winking eyes many a time. After taking auto, they were ready to get down very soon since Milo said that it was “very near”. Deshmukh said “Jab tak meter minimum par hai tab tak koi tension nahi.” But as meter started reading 12-15-20-25-35; Deshmukh wondered if auto waala was taking them from longer route. Nanhe and Deshmukh started conversation among themself. They wondered if Milo has “guided” them perfectly again. 😉
Nanhe called up Milo and Milo said,” Abe tum log seriously Aksa Beach jaa rahe the kya? Maine to tumhe Marve Beach ke baare mein bataya tha. That is “stone throw away” distance. Yeh to lamba hai.” Nanhe said “Bahut Sahi.” Then the auto driver also got in conversation with Nanhe and Deshmukh and said that in this area, Rs 100/- is considered to be minimum and started laughing. We asked him how long is it more?

He replied,”Abhi to Malwani aayega–fir Aksa Gaon–fir Ashoka Resort–fir Aksa Chowpaty–fir aayega Aksa Beach.” We just looked into the meter and laughed on the circumstances. Just after getting auto Nanhe and Maggi were asking for party by Deshmukh Saaheb then Deshmukh very said that,” Main auto ka pay karoonga, dinner tum dono dekh lo.” That time he was thinking ki usne chauka maar diya but as meter reading was increasing, Desmukh soch raha tha kaun si ghadi mein maine aisa bol diya. Nanhe and Maggi were enjoying it. They reached the destination and paid Rs 55/- to the auto. At beach, all 3 of them enjoyed. Nanhe and Maggi told Deshmukh about their relationship and thus enjoyed freely on beach after a long time. Seeing at Nanahe and Maggi having gala time together, Deshmukh coltishly said that “Saala tere ko bhi ladki mil gayi aur main abhi tak akela hoon.” There was burst of laugh all around. It was great frolicsomeness. After 40-45 minutes, it was time to return to Malad station.

They took auto again and in less than 1/3rd distance, auto meter was reading more than Rs 30/-. They noticed that meter was running fast. In a mid of signal, they left the auto and caught the bus after running behind it for 2 minutes. In this was they saved atleast 50 bucks of Deshmukh. They returned to Malad and then went to Dadar. At Dadar, all 3 of them had dineer and chatted a lot. Then all of them left to their home.

Jaate Jaate, Deshmukh Saaheb commented: “Milo Ganeshotsav Mehenga Pada par yaadgaar raha.” :) :) :) :) 😉 😛