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It’s official: Women use their gender like a weapon!

 “Because I’m a woman.” That’s the standard refrain when women want to avoid doing something they don’t like!

Scientists have proven that women frequently use their sex as a get-out clause for everything from crying to their failure to take the bins out.

A survey found that 88 per cent of respondents had used their sex as an excuse at some point, while more than half admitted they did so regularly.

Driving was the most common scenario, with 67 per cent blaming their poor parking on being a woman, reports the Daily Mail. More than half of women blamed their gender on their inability to catch spiders in the bath — while slightly fewer than half used it to avoid carrying heavy items.

The news follows Katie Price’s [ Images ] admission in court last week that she had swerved while driving her pink horsebox because she was a ‘typical woman driver’.

The top ten situations in which women are likely to use their gender as an excuse:

Parking the car (67 per cent of women polled)
Catching insects (56 per cent)
Carrying heavy items (48 per cent)
Opening Jars (40 per cent)
Avoiding confrontation (35 per cent)
DIY (28 per cent)
Taking the rubbish out (19 per cent)
Sporting performance (15 per cent)
Navigation (11 per cent)
Crying (6 per cent)

Sarah Heath, of, said, “Whilst it was surprising to find just how many women do use the excuse, it’s important to bear in mind that the majority admitted to doing so in a ‘jokey’ manner.”

Source: REDIFF

T Shirt Slogans

These are the slogans which have been found many a times on T Shirts being worn by the girls. Nanahe has understood them.

Hope you all will understand it too and think over it.

t2These are just too good…. [:)]








  1. Touch Here If U Dare
  2. Can Make Boneless Things Hard
  3. Weapons Of Mass Destruction
  4. Looking Free, But Touching Costs
  5. Only For Rent, Not For Sale
  6. Now More Tastier And Healthier
  7. Handle With Care
  8. Tested By Experts
  9. Hot To Handle
  10. No One Can Use Just Once

Tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda!

Khud pe daal tu nazar
Haalaton se haar kar
Kahan chala re
Haath ki lakeer ko
Modhta marodta
Hai hausla re
Toh khud tere khwabon ke rang mein
Tu apne jahan ko bhi rang de
Ke chalta hoon mein tere sang mein
Ho shaam bhi toh kya
Jab hoga andhera
Tab paayega dar mera
Uss dar pe phir hogi teri subah
Tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda…..

These are the part of lyrics of a song from Anjana Anjani. The words are so meaningful and convey a lot. A real motivational lines. Hope you will like them as our Nanhe has liked them….

Wishing Happy Birthday to an “ESPECIAL” Person

Today is the birthday of a very especial person in Nanhe’s life.
The entry of whom gave new experiences of feelings, emotions and of course love. May this birthday give new heights to their beautiful relationship.
Lets’ take this opportunity and wish that “person” a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Nanhe’s behalf.
We sincerely hope that all the wishes of Nanhe and that “person” comes true.