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Hindi Poem: Let this Diwali be Different

आओ  इस  दीपावली  कुछ  नया  करें

आओ  इस  दीपावली  कुछ  नया  करें
४  फुलझड़ी  कम  जालयें
उस  कीमत  से
दो  घर  और  रोशन  करें

दीपों  की  जगमगाहट  में
ज़रा  ख्याल  इसका  करें
पर्यावरण  को  नुकसान  कम  से  कम  करें

खुशियों  के  इस  पर्व  में
इक  पल  आँखें  नम करें
याद  शहीदों  के  बलिदान  को  करें
दो  दीप  उनके  लिए  प्रज्ज्वलित  करें

समाज  के  उद्धार  के  लिए  पयत्न  करें
फैली  बुराइयों  का अंत  करें
राष्ट्रीयता  को  अपने  अन्दर  घर  करें
आओ  इस  दीपावली  कुछ  नया  करें !!!!


Poonam Pandey and Liberalization

Nanhe is very impressed with the model who shot to fame during ICC 2011 Cricket World Cup.

This much introduction and you have guessed right: She is bold and beautiful (pun intended): POONAM PANDEY

Ever since Poonam made her comments regarding her wish to strip to cheer for Team India, Nanhe aspires to be a cricketer now! What a sight it will be when she will strip in dressing room and Nanhe would be the part of that mega event. Wow!! Nanhe dreams of that day! ‘We were all born nude. People take nudity as vulgarity. I see it in a different way. If I keep it as an offer for bringing the World Cup to India, which incidentally worked (laughs), I see no harm in it,’ Pandey told IANS in an interview.

Though everyone will agree that Poonam is not a beauty but the desperation to achieve success, fame and money can make her do anything and everything. After all she is proud to have dared to venture in field which has been left untouched: Pornography. Hard core pornography starts from the soft porn acts like this only. Whatever the case may be but the fact is that according to her she is main reason behind Indian Cricket Team’s success.

When India toured England early this summer they performed very badly because Poonam did only lip service. England are here now and team is doing well. The reason for success is “Poonam’s Bedroom Secrets.” This may sound strange but Poonam is confident.

Nanhe feels it would do a good for team if she can be appointed as a coach before Australia tour. As it is BCCI is paying heavy sum to support staff. If she is hired, Poonam can do the role of stress buster for the team. But she will be required to sign a bond because if Australian board pays more money, she might switch side in the mid of tour. After all money is all she is doing for.

If she really wants to do well then she should be sent to Olympics Qualifier with Hockey Team. IHF has spent lot of money to change the fortunes of Indian Hockey. If her videos can give us the ticket London Olympics then we can even ask her for strip so that we get a medal. She has said that she was doing the semi nude scenes for getting a cup after 28 years. Even Olympics Gold has not come to us since 32 years. She will have to take “little more effort” to get a medal in Olympics hockey.

Nanhe has even written a letter to MMS to use Poonam Pandey for revival of the credibility of his government. Even Lalu Yadav can use her as her star campaigner to overturn his fate in the state. All you need is money to pay this “virtuous” model. Bureaucrats may use her as building and succeeding in our diplomatic efforts as they have failed in their job. The intelligence agencies can float her around to have some specific inputs.  Perhaps, with this type of success rate, she can also be crowned as “fate changer of India”. Imagine she getting “Indian of the Year Award” and stripping again on public demand and her known ones get “tears of joy” in their eyes due to the success of Poonam. Emotional. Isn’t!

Nanhe has understood the real motive behind this “great lady” and this is why he is a Genius. The world is busy in crowning her porn star but she is a “true patriot” striving to do so much for this nation. She is giving recognition to her parents, family, friends and above all the nation.

There is saying that everything is fair in Love and War. She has just modified it saying: Everything is fair for Fame and Money.

But the success achieved by this is “Fizzzzzz Success”. Once the gas is gone, cold drink is not worth drinking! Way to go Poonam. Nanhe is already a fan of you seeing your self-proclaimed act of “dareness”.

You truly represent the “real meaning of liberalization” in India. What do the readers think? :)

Hindi Poem: Jal Raha Gareeb Hai!

जल  रहा  गरीब  है

दृश्य  ये  अजीब  है

जल  रहा  गरीब  है

लपट यह  मेहेंगाई  की

सभी  को  कर  रही  हालाक  है

दो  जून  की  रोटी  भी  अब  तो  यहाँ  दुश्वार  है

देख  बेपरवाही  हमारी  सरकार की

कितना  बड़ा  ये  मज़ाक  है

कहाँ  है  वो  आर्थिक  दर

जिस  पर  सब  को  नाज़  है

चमक  रहा  है  भारत

सबका  यह  विचार  है

दो  जून  की  रोटी  भी  अब  तो  यहाँ  दुश्वार  है

देख  बेपरवाही  हमारी  सरकार  की

कितना  बड़ा  ये  मज़ाक  है

नहीं  दूर  हुई  गरीबी  तो

सरकार  की  ये  दरकार  है

३२  रुपैये  गरीब  की

एक  नयी  पहचान  है

देख  बेपरवाही  हमारी  सरकार  की

कितना  बड़ा  ये  मज़ाक  है

दृश्य  ये  अजीब  है

जल  रहा  गरीब  है