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Chindi and Kitabo

The black days of this semester are approaching with the speed no less than that of light towards me …or rather toward all of them who are like me .It makes me feel like a black hole with super gravitational pull attracting all sorts of problem towards itself.
Gone are the days when i used to bunk lectures to catch a nap in the most cozy bed of this world!!!, i am not arrogant but its the sheer love of mine for my bed which makes me write so .The most speedy fan ever invented blowing the most powerful gust of wind on my face…adding to theses factors is the biggest factor “the mess ka chawal ” how come i can forget to mention it .I bet none in this world could have resisted the blessing of god/goddess (its up to u to decide ) of sleep to go into deep sound sleep…in such conditions .
But its a story of past .what lies ahead is future …the most feared days of my life …(or of all the engineering students if I am not wrong ).
I have all ready started running in search of respite ,searching for books(mind you i do read books ) all sorts of help one can bestow upon himself from his/her professors/lecturers .When i approched my professors for some guide lines to how to get through this semester they gave me the names of books with all those name of foreigners(the foreign writers).
Damn it !!!come on !!! its so difficult to spell those names of theirs !!!!!!how come my professors could expect me to read and understand what they have written inside ?seeing that its not the way I will be able to get through I started my search for nirvana …the ultimate truth the “NOTES”.
Yes the notes the ” CHINDI ” notes the ” BRAHMASTRA” of all weapons ….which my local xerox waala provides me at super duper discount rate without any international pressure,for he understands the real pain and trauma of mine,and why not so ?after all its his ansestoral business (sorry if I am exaggerating ).But never the less he is the best possible person providing me with the best possible solution of the worst possible problem I could have got for myself .
Now starts the editing part …lemme have a look of the “CHINDI” notes hmm …haam isn’t it too big ? I think most its parts are useless …I can easily skip its 1st 10 pages and the same is true for its last 8 ones …so nearly 45 pages to study ..oh !!!!!to muggggggggg …But still its too difficult for someone like me ,ok lemme mark those questions which have appeared in the papers for time and again .yes thats it thats my ultimate aim lemme prepare it .
After making sure what I don’t need to study I started my studying …(preparation…in total for it includes all other means of passing the exams ).MUGGING thats the best thing I have learnt in the past 4 semesters of my engineering carrier …no matter what it is engineers are the best muggers to mug it down .If i don’t get what I am reading means that I am on the right path ,the moment I feel that I have started understanding the subject ….beware !!!!!!!! something is wrong somewhere !!!!!! I am on the wrong path .
The phase has started and most of the time I have to spend with my girl friend “KITABO DEVI “lest she gets angry …and her curse darkens my future …hope she will make be feel better in her company and help me get through this 5th semester as she has been doing for the past 4 semester