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Broken Dreams!


“Main fir se nikloonga talash-e-zindagi mein,

Dua karna iss baar kisi se ishq na ho… “


They say that getting a kick in love is one of the biggest pain and an experience for lifetime. Sadly for me, I have gone through such an experience in last few days. Trust me it is indeed a great pain. Pain which makes you angry, annoyed, envious, devastated, looser and to an extent gives a feeling of vengeance. One needs to have great emotional support, understanding and be able to control the emotions when there is no ray of hope.

We met in the office, went for few walks after office, had talks, travelled together and developed a liking for each other. I never had this feel of being in love before and thus was unique experience. Slowly and slowly we knew that we were in love. None of us proposed but it was an inner call from heart that we were made for each other. She was really happy as she has always been restricted to her community. After meeting me she developed a new perspective about life and was looking at life with new angle. She uses to say that she has never thought the way she was looking at world now. We discussed a lot on varying topics, debated and at the same time used sense of humour to perfection. Her friends also said that we never believed that she will change like this and they were all happy for us. We spent some quality time together and with her on my side everything looked so sweet and cosy. Our intimacy was fantabulous. We could understand each other’s mind without uttering a word. There was fun, humour, dates, gifts (materialistic and non materialistic) and many emotions which can be understood by the one who have been in true love. I penned many poems for her and she was touched by that expression of love.

Meanwhile, I decided to join forces and thus our office time came to an end. Now we knew that it will be tough to maintain a distance relationship but by that time we have developed such a great bonding between us that this distance time came and went without causing any problems in our relationship. She attended my PoP with her father and it was a sort of culmination of our relationship. We were extremely hopeful of getting settled for life long after her father accompanied her to my PoP. My family and her father got a chance to interact and know each other. But you can never be sure of her father’s mind and thoughts.

The beauty of our relationship was that it was only based on trust, mutual respect, emotional bonding, love and emotional connect. There was nothing which we forced upon each other and thus people may say it to be an ideal love story where everything was built by taking “conscious effort”. There existed an unconditional love between us and perhaps the biggest bonding factor between us.

Perhaps every love story has to go with hiccups and you just need to stand together during difficult time and you will sail through. In our love story this happened many times and we were able to sustain our relationship in difficult times. Then our dream came true when her parents agreed to our relationship without bothering about my birth stars. But I was not ecstatic when she broke this news to me. This was probably because somewhere in my mind i had developed this feel that our relationship will not end with us settling together due to constant NO from her parents. Slowly and slowly feeling started sinking and i was happy from inside that the dreams which we have shared and seen together is about to come true. She always told me that she worries about her parents considering their unhealthy relationship and finances. The problem was that for every bad things/ situation her parents will have arguments which will start from one track and will always end on her being in relationship with me. No matter how much effort she took to pacify her parents, she was alone and there was no one to whom she can share what she felt like and was pissed off at home. Her parents were never willing to lend her patient ears to listen to her concerns and her point of view. Invariably, she would be blamed for every mess. I knew her mental state and was always bothered about her state. I tried to make her calm and by not talking sensitive issues when she is really down. I would try to pacify her by cracking jokes and making fun of her or myself.

In a distance relationship, you often feel that the flame is waning and you start taking each other for granted. This happened to us but we knew that whenever we meet the flame rekindles and our attraction enhances with every meeting after long breaks. There was no break in communication as we use to talk daily on phone and occasionally on video chat. So there was no great trouble. She was never able to pay visit to me due to her commitments. So, I ll have to wait for my leave to go and meet her. I was due to meet her in October/ November and both of us were excited to spend some quality time together after long.

I tried to sort her problems and told her to talk to her parents on the issue bothering her before she settles down with me. She gave me call one day that finally she will talk to her parents. I was happy and eager to know the outcome. The outcome of her discussion left me speechless and felt as if something has pierced my heart. She called me and says “I spoke to my parents and sorry but our relationship is not in accordance with my priorities.” She cut the phone and for the first time, I noticed word “MY” rather than “OUR” in her talk. The next day, I waited for her call. She called me a day later and says that “My Wedding has been fixed.” I was devastated. Four years of relationship was sinking like titanic. I was helpless and angry considering that she took the decision which was affecting both of us without even consulting me once. She herself sealed the fate of our relationship within 72 hours. I had a feel that this might be a forced/coerced or circumstantial decision. I wanted to speak to her but that was getting futile with she just not ready to give me patience hearing.

I wanted to listen to her point of view on the decision she has taken but every effort taken by me was getting into drains. I thought of taking some help from common friends. It was here champ came as help but she was reluctant to discuss the matter which was “already closed.” I went to her best buddy HG and Rits. Rits was sympathetic with me and told that he too was shocked but expressed his inability to tell her to reconsider the decision but he spoke positively which was a soother for me. I spoke to HG. I have only heard about HG being very understanding and candid to her. I asked him and he says it’s time to Move On dude. The decision she has taken is a deliberate one and as per her choice. There has been no parental pressure directly or indirectly. She has thought of all options and then zeroed to this guy some time back itself. I was shocked as she has never told me anything related to this. But conclusion that HG gave me was that she is extremely happy for her parents and that is more than enough for her so you can bid adieu.

I was disappointed and feeling cheated if she decided it a month back or so. Then, I called up her parents and they told new story. Her father says that I was always against her getting married out of caste and to the one with whom kundli doesnt matches. I asked him then why they said yes initially. He says that I said yes conditional to horoscope matching. It was a fact that our horoscope was not going to match. Then he says that they have told all this to her beforehand and are not aware if she hasn’t conveyed the same to me. I tried to convince and counter their points but everything stopped at kundli and the fact me being North Indian and not of their caste. But that was a fact right from the time they knew about our relationship. They played a see-saw game with us with first saying yes and retracting. This has happened before. It was mainly due to the society which they live in. A society where caste holds the top priority. I was not able to believe as they say that I had an affair before also as per their Maharaj. According to him, I will have an affair again after my marriage and that there was no solution for it as well. However, I know that it was wrong. Her father played emotional trick saying that he will kill himself if i try to pressurise her. I had all my hopes pinned on her but she again said that she won’t reconsider her decision. The colleagues at my work place came to know about it but were amazed with no expression on my face regarding the happenings in relationship. I always believed in not mixing professional and personal life. But they decided to send me on leave asap to settle the case. They gave many options right from running away to convincing parents. My boss even came to my room a day before i was leaving and told me to tell her parents that despite all 32 gunas matching of Ram and Sita, they had such a troubled life. And every problem which is in kundli has solutions. But all these things required that she must stand with me or it will amount to me making fool of myself. As it is her parents always felt that I was putting pressure on her to marry and that she was not interested. I consoled myself and didnt spoke to her for few days. But those were the extremely painful days for me. I continuously thought over it and about her. Some where my heart was not willing to believe that it was a wise and her decision. It has been circumstantial decision. Love often passes through this phase when things will not work out and it is during that time you need to hold hands together and fight the situation. It was appearing that our love was a peace time activity and as soon as there was trouble we were letting of our relation which was built on emotions go very easily. I decided to convince her and then fight the situation and to any level. I tried to give her the confidence that even if all go against her; I will be standing with her always.

Meanwhile, champ also reached my place and he asked whether I truly love her or it is a mere reaction to situation. Do i truly consider her as one made for me and can i go any distance to be with her? After getting affirmative replies on all, he told me to fight it out till all is not over. So that you will never regret in life that you never tried to get back your love. With this as motivation, I tried convincing her and at times forcing her to reconsider the decision. I tried to make her realize that the decision she has taken might be in interest of everyone but definitely not her. She may get short term happiness of others but in process may lose her happiness for lifetime. No matter what she does her parents will have issues between them till the time they start respecting each other. The environment might be very good at her place ever since she said yes to this guy from her caste but I wanted her to listen to her heart. But she has closed the window to listen to her heart and she was trying to become a sacrificial lamb to sacrifice everything for other. It is commendable on part of daughter but was it too drastic step if she reconsiders and we try to convince her parents? I tried to assure her that all issues can still be resolved and it is just not too late. I approached couple of Mastek colleagues but they were also unable to help. Champ tried to get into the problem at her end but she never told anything. Whenever, i spoke to her she gave me impression that she is very happy and enjoying the time with her fiancé. She told me to move ahead and forget her. Though i knew she was pretending as i knew her better than she knows herself. I can say with confidence that i know her better than her parents and loving sister. She has shared her heart only with me and it is only for her parent wishes that she was murdering her happiness. I started getting pissed on her being so stubborn. I wanted to call her fiancé and tell him everything. I wanted to use harsh words for her parents. I wanted to do false propaganda against her. I wanted to runaway with her. I consider myself lucky that all these thoughts which were possibilities but i never took a single step towards vengeance through which i was going through. I knew that any such action will bring sorrow to her and that was the last thing i wanted. No matter if she said that she has ditched me but i never believed her. I knew my feelings were right and her were fabricated for reasons only known to her. Then, i called her sister and tried to let her know what i was going through and felt like. She as a very good sister supported her decision and told me to Move On. You are her past and she is very happy in present. She told that she has told each and everything about me to her fiancé and he is ok with it. Once while conversation, she told me that she never said yes directly and i conveyed the same to her sister. Her sister said that all in family asked her again and again about the decision and that she has taken it deliberately. And Moreover, nothing can be done as it is too late. Now everyone in caste is aware about it so forget her. I again called up HG and he says that i will not ask her to reconsider the decision and I will support her and will request you to Move On. It is also not practical as her marriage date is fixed and everyone in caste knows about it. If she retracts then it will bring bad name for her family in caste. I asked him to tell me- whether her life and happiness is important or talk in caste is important. He says he supports her and will support in any decision taken by her.

HG said that she has given serious thoughts to marriage after her parents agreed and after that she worked on her priorities and took this decision as best available to her. She has decided and that shifting her base from Mumbai was not agreeable to her. I was annoyed as she always knew if she has to come with me then she will have to relocate herself as my employment is such. I just didn’t like the message HG tried to convey me.

I always hated this caste and more so since i came in relationship with her. But the point is whether it advisable to ruin your life for what third people will say or wasn’t it time to realize that it isn’t too late. I even say that it is not too late now either but won’t say this to her. I told her that we can run and do court marriage in Pune as the application for same was forwarded earlier by one of my seniors. All efforts were futile and I realized that she is stern and if i put pressure on her and try to get her back then she might not be the same girl i loved. She might become even more calculative. If I force her to change the decision for my sake then love in our life will be lost.

All this while my family, friends, cousins were standing as a rock to help me in every possible way. They knew i was never like this and probably i was madly in love. My mother said that she also felt bad as she believed that she will be part of our family soon. Everyone was open to my relationship and has developed affinity for her. But despite repeated attempts no success came in my way. The poems, stories, movies, songs and novels guided me. I thank Ravinder Singh for writing such a heart wrenching stories “I too had a love story…” and “Can love happen twice…”. I would like her to read it once too.

Then I went to previous conversations with her and realized that she was never sure of marrying me. She always had doubts. After her parents said yes she became even more calculative and started putting conditions before our love. I remember she told me once that if we are not married then i will marry this guy as he fulfils and meets all my conditions. This was told more than 6 months back. I wondered if she always doubted our relationship. One day, I asked her to think from her heart and only herself. She didn’t want to do that also and said that even if she wished she can’t change her decision as whole caste is aware now. She said that it was her decision and she has taken after due deliberation and is happy for everyone. It appeared that when she took this decision, both of us were in love with the same person. I was in love with her and she loved herself. Her caste, her religion, her priorities, her life, her job, her family and “unconditional love” which was foundation of our relationship ceased to exist.

But it still remains mixed feeling as my heart still says that she will come back and brain says that it’s all over. It’s all over coz she was never sure of marrying me and that conditional love was not the basis and never possible in our case. The only thread which linked us was our bonding of unconditional love. If love comes with “Conditions Apply” scenario then it is similar to mutual fund investment where one must read the offer documents beforehand. In my case, I should have looked for horoscope matching, caste, her priorities, concerns and then fell in love!

Slowly and slowly, I forced myself to realize that she has taken her decision keeping all her interests in mind and I must respect her. It is not that I was in love with her and should expect the same in return. Love is always unconditional. You put conditions and it becomes compromise. And this is beauty of relationship before marriage that even if you have committed once, you can pull whenever you feel like which is not the case otherwise. I have pride in my relationship and manner in which I tried to live it. I might not have been perfect but my intent was always true and pure. I can tell everyone from bottom of my heart that it was one of the most pious love stories. It is my nature that I do everything with intensity and passionately. I loved her with the same passion and intensity. I still love her and will continue to love her always. She will always have a very special place in my heart. It was she who gave my first ever experience of being in love. The memories are so sweet. I have learnt the value of people who are with you. If you don’t express yourself you are bound to lose them. I have become more expressive in my feelings. I realized that I too can be romantic. She was pillar during my training days. The person who gave me so many things has full right to think about herself and decide her future. Now, I don’t have that authority/ possessiveness to mould her thought to take a stand and be back with me. This is only thing i have lost- authority over her. Rest everything is with me. Her memories will always linger and I will never be ashamed of having failed in my love story. I am a soldier and we keep that attitude and dignity even in loss. That is my conviction and belief.

The only thing which probably I regret is that despite being so intense in relationship, I just failed to give her confidence that all her concern is mine too and will leave no stone unturned to address her concerns. Perhaps, it was a failure which tore the relationship apart. I couldn’t satisfy her concerns and may have turned blind eye to them. And that she never gave me that second chance which I so very badly wanted to make her mine. Life is cruel. You will not get second chance always and this fact keeps me haunting now. A lesson for lifetime as well!!

Today, also when I pray to God, I ask for her happiness and for me I ask only her!

I still dream and believe that one fine day she will realize what her heart wants and what does she in reality wants- free from all worries and circumstances and will be back in my arms. I will wait for her till the time it is all over…..

May be with time everything will settle down but not in near future. Life would have been amazing with her being around ……. and still it can be but is that just being too optimistic…..?????


“Waise to teri Naa mein bhi maine dhoondh li apni khushi,

Tu jo haan kehti to baat hoti aur bhi haseen….”

Hindi Poem: Kyun Ishq ne Dard Diya!

कल  यूही  बातो  बात  में  चैम्प से  discussion हुआ .
क्यों  इश्क  ने  लौंडे  को  ही  दर्द  दिया
पन्ने  पलट  के  भी  देखा, बेवफा  वही थी
गीत  में, कविता  में,  ग़ज़ल  में  बेवफा  वही  थी
वो  तो  भटकता  ही  रहा,  कहानी  हर  बार  की  यही  थी
लौडिया  की  बेवफाई  ने  बहुतो को रुलाया
हम  तो  गम  में  पूरी  तरह  डूबे  भी  नहीं थे
और  उसकी  शादी  का निमंत्रण पत्र  आया

अश्को  की  माला  लौंडे  को  पहनाते  हुए
हंस  कर  घर  किसी  और  के  साथ  बसाया
लौंडिया  बहुत  कमीनी  होती  है
प्यार  की  कसमे  तो  एक  के  साथ  खाती  है
साथ  ही  साथ  back up plan बनाती  है
जूनून  से  लौंडा  ही  मोहब्बत  करता  है
लेकिन  अब ये  हो  नहीं  सकता  कह  कर
लौंडे  को  केला  दे  कर  निकल  जाती  है
Champ ने  शोध  को  आगे  बढाया  तो  नतीजे  में  ये  पाया
लौंडिया  को  पता  है  एक  गया  तो  दूजा आया
liquid ने  प्यार  के  पंचनामा  में  भी  यही  बताया
लौंडिया  ने  तो  सिर्फ  अपना  timepass किया  और  अपनी  market value को  बढाया
चूतिया  तो  वो  लौंडा  था  जो  सच्चाई  भांप  न  पाया
बात  जब  करनी  चाहे  उससे  तो  उसका  नया नया fiance बीच  में  आया
इश्क  के  चक्कर  में  अपना  सब  कुछ  लुटा  आया
पारो सदा  रही  महलों  में  और  देवदास  ने  सड़क  पर  जान गंवाया

एक लौंडिया के लिए तो यही बात सच है
Men are a luxury, not a necessity!!

Hindi Poem: Life mein Gugly!!

life भी  ऐसी  गुगली  देती  है
जब  लगा  बात  बन  गयी
तभी  पता  चला  की  बात  तो  निपट  गयी
चार  साल  तक  जिस  माला  को  पिरोया
वो  चंद  ही  घंटो  में  बिखर   गया
और  नन्हे  का  नाम  भी  हारे  हुए  आशिकों  की  लिस्ट  में  जुड़  गया
“Baby, i love you” से  “My wedding is fixed” का  सफ़र  तय  करने  में
उसे  सिर्फ  ७२  घंटे  लगे, शायद  T20 world cup का  असर  था
“God is with us” की  वो  बातें  अब  चेहरे  पर  मुस्कराहट  लाती  है
बुड्ढे  ने  भी  ऐसा  गेम  खेला  की  बेटी  को  emotional अत्त्याचार  से  फंसा  लिया
वो  कितनी  भी  normal होने  की  बात  करले
पर  नन्हे  जानता  है  की  ये  उतना  आसान  नहीं
मजबूरी  में  वो  फंस  गयी  और  अपनी  ख्वाहिश  को  दबा  दिया
नन्हे  को  तो  केला  मिला  ही  पर  उसे  कोई  शिकायत  नहीं
ग़ालिब  ने  कहा  था  “सिर्फ  पाने  का  मतलब  प्यार  नहीं “
दुःख  इसका  नहीं  की  लड़की  चली  गयी  but property हाथ  से  निकल  गयी
नन्हे  के  दिल  को  एक  बार  धक्का  तो  लगा
कुछ  देर  मुकेश  के  दर्द  भरे  नगमे  का  सहारा  लिया
फिर  सब  normal हो  गया
बंधन  से  छूटने  के  बाद  वो  एक  आजाद  पंछी  है
तुरंत  fb पर  status “Single” कर  दिया
नन्हे  मार्केट  में  फिर  से  उपलब्ध  है
वैसे  भी  recruiters freshers नहीं  experience मांगते  हैं
अब  तो  अच्छी  deal मिलनी  चाहिए
यही  सोच  कर  नन्हे  मस्त  है
ज़िन्दगी  रूकती  नहीं  किसी  के  जाने  के  बाद
आज  वो  शहर  की  गलियों  में  goggles लगा  कर  निकलेगा
कुड़ियों  को  जी  भर  के  बेपरवाह  ताड़ेगा
आज  फिर  किस्मत  पर  दांव  लगेगा
क्या  पता  वो  आज  फिर  से  दिल  हार  बैठेगा!!!

Watch out girls, Nanhe is back………



1.     आज उसके लिखे कागज़ के टुकड़ो को राख कर दिया
मेज पर रखी उसकी तस्वीर को भी अपने से दूर कर दिया
मिटा दूंगा हर चीज़ जो उसकी याद दिलाती है
पर समझ नहीं आता कैसे मिटा दूं वो यादें
जो मेरे दिल में आज भी बसर करती हैं
दर्द-ऐ-दिल बयां नहीं होता है
चाहूं न चाहूं मेरी नज़रें आज भी उसका इंतज़ार करती हैं
नहीं मानता की वो तो अब ओझल हो गयी है
दिल को उम्मीद है की वो सब कुछ छोड़ मेरे पास आ जाएगी!!

2.     मझधार से निकाल कर जिसे पार ले कर आया
उसे खुद पर यकीन करना सिखाया
उसकी सोच को नयी दिशा दी
साथ उसका कितना हसीन था
सोचा था वो हमेशा मेरे साथ रहेगा
क्या पता था कि वो ही हमें मझधार में छोड़ चलेगा
मझधार से निकाल कर जिसे पार ले कर आया
आज उसी ने कर दिया मुझको पराया!

3.     कहना तो बहुत कुछ चाहता थे तुझसे
पर मेरे दिल ने रोक लिया
जानता है कि तुझे रुला कर
ये भी बेचैन हो जाएगा!

4.     आज भी तेरी तस्वीर दिल में बसाए तेरा दीदार करते हैं
तेरे हाथों की मेहँदी की खुशबू  मेरे घर को गुलज़ार करती हैं
तुम मुझे छोड़ कर चली गयी, फिर भी
मेरी ज़िन्दगी तो अभी भी तेरा ही नाम लिया करती है!!

5.     तुमको बेइंतेहा चाहा हमने
तेरी मोहब्बत आदत बन गयी
तेरे जाने के बाद पसरी तन्हाई कहती है
भूल जाऊं तुमको, पर कैसे
आदतें बदलती हैं कहाँ आसानी से…

6.     दिल ने जिसे हमेशा अपना समझा
आज वो किसी और का होने जा रहा है
क्यूँ होता है ये मोहब्बत में
जिसे चाह बेपन्हा आज वो गैर का घर बसाने जा रहा है!!


Hindi Poem: Jabse Tum Jeevan Mein Aa Gayi!

जीवन के २३ बसंत वीराने में गुजरने के बाद
अचानक से आ गयी बहार
जब से तुम मेरे जीवन में आ गयी

दिल में उथल-पुथल मच गयी
हर पल सिर्फ तुम्हारा ख्याल
था एक गज़ब का एहसास
तेरी चाहत रातों कि नींदे चुरा ले गयी
जब से तुम मेरे जीवन में आ गयी
तेरे साथ समय बीतता गया
मैं तेरा दीवाना बनता चला गया
अपनी किस्मत कहूं या रब का करम
कि मेरी तुमसे मुलाक़ात हो गयी
जब से तुम मेरे जीवन में आ गयी
जैसे जैसे सूरज चढ़ता गया
तेरे लिए प्यार और भी गहरा होता गया
शुरूआती पसंद मुहब्बत में तब्दील हो गयी
और ये मुहब्बत मीठा मर्ज़ दे गयी
जब से तुम जीवन में आ गयी
तेरे संग जो सपने संजोये हैं
उसे हकीकत करना है
मेरे जीवन में खुशियों के रंग बरसा गयी
जब से तुम मेरे जीवन में आ गयी!!!

This poem is for especial person on occasion of her birthday on 01-10-12 :)


Hindi Poem: When Will I have a Girlfriend? Mera Number Kab Aayega!

Nanhe wrote this poem sometime in 2008-09,

Zindagi ki kitaab mein likha hai kiska naam
Yeh sochkar rehta hoon main pareshaan
Kabhi Kabhi to yeh lagta hai ki kitaab mein ishq ka prishtha hi nahi hai
Kya karoon Doston 22 saal baad bhi jeevan mein ladki nahi hai
Sochta hoon ki un logon mein kya khaas hai
jinko har basant par ek nayi ladki ka saath hai
Dikhta to main bhi bura nahi hoon par kismet hi nirash hai
Aur Jeevan mein har anubhav zaroori hai

Ladki waale kehte hai aish kar rahe ho tum
nahi to hamari jindagi to jahannum hai
Azaad panchi ki tarah gagan mein udd rahe ho
hamaare upar to prateet hota hai ki koi saaya ho
Shikaar hain hum Emosnal Atyachaar ke
Yeh kabakht ishq nikamma banata hai
insomiac, hypertension aur blood pressure badhata hai
Kehta hai ik “aashiq” apne anubhav se
Bache raho iske jaal se!!

Jiske jeevan mein nahi hai ladki
Kehta hai kismet hai apni kadki
Fir hum bhi thehre nawaab ke sheher se
dekhi nahi soorat apni kabhi gaur se
khud ke liye pari chahiye
recession ke daur mein quality chahiye
Bola tha “champ” ne iss waqt experience zaroori hai
Advani ka PM banna aur Tumhe ladki milne ka yeh antim avsar hai
Tay karo aur nikal pado ek haseena ki khoj mein
Nahi to tum par hamesha fresher ka tag rahega
kabhi koi dil mein nahi aa kar basega
Yahi kehte hue hi nikal jaayega yauvan tumhara
Mera Number Kab Aayega!Mera Number kab Aayega!


Why Bike is better than a Girlfriend?

Recently, a survey was conducted and Nanhe has exclusive reports of that. It says that whenever a guy breaks up with a girl, he tends to drive fast. There can be numerous reasons and Nanhe has found few too. It seems that bike has few advantages of the girls and the list mentioned below is not exhaustive. You can add your own comments if you have any reasons. Valentine’s day is coming and there will be few more “heartbreak kids” driving their bike and pouring love for the same. It’s really ironical that Valentine’s day witnesses lots of relationships going down the roads……

Reasons why bike is better than a girlfriend?

1. You can go out with your bike anytime.
2. You can get on top of it without thinking too much about the consequences.
3. You can have one bike for training, another one for racing, one more for just having fun  – and the best thing they won’t kill each other while shut in one garage togeher.
4. You have liberty to ride your friend’s most “dashing and superb” bike.
5. If your motorcycle weigh 450 pounds, your friends won’t laugh at you and call you looser.
6. Having a bike is comapratively much cheaper.
7. Bike never crib or complain.
8. Bikes go as per your wish.
9. They don’t need any explanation as why you went with “other one.”
10. No emosnal attyachar.
11. Whenever you are tired of using one type of bike, you can switch to another.
12. Bikes can be very supportive, they listen and agree to your solution of the problem without uttering a word.
13. Girls are hardly stoppaple when turned on. Bikes are much easier to stop.
14. When you go out for shopping with your bike, you can buy anything and everything for yourself.
15. You don’t have to remember the date of purchasefirst ridefirst won race and the other dates to do with your bike, and celebrate them.
16. Lastly, bikes don’t have parents and therefore you need not to worry about them.

Ganeshotsav@Milo’s Place and Aksa Beach!!

Milo, a friend of Nanhe called him to visit Ganpati at his place last Sunday. Nanhe and his couple of colleagues decided that they will go to Milo’s place together in the evening. Nanhe and Maggi met at Dadar station. Nanhe didn’t have his lunch so they both enjoyed lunch together. In the mean time, Deshmukh Saaheb/Deshmukh joined them. They both then went to Malad by the local train. None of them knew the house of Milo but it is easy to find the way in today’s Hi Tech world. They reached Malad and called Milo to know where to proceed from the station. Milo said that his house was “stone throw away” distance from the station. Milo guided them “perfectly” and that “stone throw away” distance increased by few meters. Any how they reached Milo’s place.

Ganpati decoration was going on at Milo’s place. All 3 of them enjoyed the hospitality of Milo. Milo along with our very idiot Nanhe cracked some really big PJ’s. Deshmukh Saaheb as always was silent but observing the things very closely. Maggi was ebullient after drinking couple of glasses of Fanta. After spending some time, they had photo session with Ganpati Dev@Milo’s place. Then all 3 of them left and had corn/samosa near Milo’s building. It was from here that things started going as per “planned” and few really funny events unfolded. Deshmukh ordered for Butter Corn but that corn waala added butter for sake of it. Nanhe commented “Butter sirf sungha raha hai”. The corn seller got angry and said “poora daaloonga to paise jyaada lagenge.” Nanhe said “daal do. paise to Deshmukh ko dene hain.” :)

Since all 3 of them were at Malad, they decided to visit Aksa Beach. Milo again told them that Aksa Beach was very near from other side. They crossed the bridge and took auto. While walking, Nanhe held hand of Maggi whenever Deshmukh Saaheb was not watching. It was fun for both of them with Nanhe winking eyes many a time. After taking auto, they were ready to get down very soon since Milo said that it was “very near”. Deshmukh said “Jab tak meter minimum par hai tab tak koi tension nahi.” But as meter started reading 12-15-20-25-35; Deshmukh wondered if auto waala was taking them from longer route. Nanhe and Deshmukh started conversation among themself. They wondered if Milo has “guided” them perfectly again. 😉
Nanhe called up Milo and Milo said,” Abe tum log seriously Aksa Beach jaa rahe the kya? Maine to tumhe Marve Beach ke baare mein bataya tha. That is “stone throw away” distance. Yeh to lamba hai.” Nanhe said “Bahut Sahi.” Then the auto driver also got in conversation with Nanhe and Deshmukh and said that in this area, Rs 100/- is considered to be minimum and started laughing. We asked him how long is it more?

He replied,”Abhi to Malwani aayega–fir Aksa Gaon–fir Ashoka Resort–fir Aksa Chowpaty–fir aayega Aksa Beach.” We just looked into the meter and laughed on the circumstances. Just after getting auto Nanhe and Maggi were asking for party by Deshmukh Saaheb then Deshmukh very said that,” Main auto ka pay karoonga, dinner tum dono dekh lo.” That time he was thinking ki usne chauka maar diya but as meter reading was increasing, Desmukh soch raha tha kaun si ghadi mein maine aisa bol diya. Nanhe and Maggi were enjoying it. They reached the destination and paid Rs 55/- to the auto. At beach, all 3 of them enjoyed. Nanhe and Maggi told Deshmukh about their relationship and thus enjoyed freely on beach after a long time. Seeing at Nanahe and Maggi having gala time together, Deshmukh coltishly said that “Saala tere ko bhi ladki mil gayi aur main abhi tak akela hoon.” There was burst of laugh all around. It was great frolicsomeness. After 40-45 minutes, it was time to return to Malad station.

They took auto again and in less than 1/3rd distance, auto meter was reading more than Rs 30/-. They noticed that meter was running fast. In a mid of signal, they left the auto and caught the bus after running behind it for 2 minutes. In this was they saved atleast 50 bucks of Deshmukh. They returned to Malad and then went to Dadar. At Dadar, all 3 of them had dineer and chatted a lot. Then all of them left to their home.

Jaate Jaate, Deshmukh Saaheb commented: “Milo Ganeshotsav Mehenga Pada par yaadgaar raha.” :) :) :) :) 😉 😛

नन्हे की प्रेम कहानी, इंडिया टीवी की जुबानी!!

आज हम पेश कर रहे है ऐसी प्रेम कहानी जिसके बारे में आपने कभी नहीं सोचा होगा!!
एक ऐसी कहानी जिस पर कोई नहीं कर सकता यकीन!! शायद ही किसी ने सोचा होगा ऐसा भी आएगा एक दिनों !! आगे आप पढेंगे एक ऐसी हकीकत जो आपको अपने बाल खींचने पे  मजबूर कर देगी!! काहीं जाएगा नहीं इसे बिना पूरा पढ़े!! अब हम आपके सामने ला रहें  हैं नन्हे के जीवन की हकीकत!!क्या नया हुआ है नन्हे के जीवन में??

नन्हे के जीवन में एक कन्या प्रवेश कर चुकी है!!जी हाँ!!
यह सच है की नन्हे भी किसी को पसंद करता है!! और भी ताज्जुब की बात है की नन्हे लड़की को पसंद करता है!! :) आज हम आपको बताएँगे उस लड़की का नाम!! हम आपको बताएँगे कैसे हुआ शुरू नन्हे और उस लड़की का अजीब-ओ-गरीब किस्सा!!!हम आपको बताएँगे कैसे परवान चढा नन्हे और उस लड़की का प्यार!!

सिर्फ हम आपको बता सकते है कहा और कैसे मिलते हैं वो दोनों!! तो ध्यान से पढिये!! यह एक सचाई है की नन्हे को हो गया है प्यार!!दीवाना हो गया है नन्हे उसके प्यार में!! जी हाँ, बेशुमार प्यार करता है नन्हे उससे!! उसका नाम जानना चाहेंगे न आप?? उसका नाम है “मैगी”!!शायद उसका नाम सुनके आपको कुछ याद आया हो!! अगर नहीं याद आया तो  हकीकत का सबूत देखने के लिए पढिये “Rain, Romance and YAA!!!” वाले blog पे मैगी के कमेंट्स!! तब शायद आप भी मानने पे मजबूर हो जाए की वो  मैगी ही है जिसने नन्हे का दिल चुरा लिया है!! और हमारे सूत्रों से हमें पता चला है की मैगी और नन्हे का प्यार एक मज़ाक से शुरू हुआ!! जी हाँ!! हमारे लिए भी यह मन्ना मुश्किल है के मज़ाक से शुरू  हुआ प्यार इतना गहरा हो गया!!

शुरू शुरू में, उन्ही की जुबां में, वो दोनों “Conscious Efforts” कर रहे थे!! वो Conscious efforts यह जानने के लिए की क्या वो एक दुसरे के लिए बने है?? पर अब वो प्रेम उस सीमा तक पहुँच गया है की उनको अलग करना शायद नामुमकिन हो!! अब तो यह हाल हो गया है की हर पल वो साथ गुजारना चाहते है!! यहाँ तक की सुबह का नाश्ता, खाना और शाम की चाय भी साथ ही में पीते हैं!! नन्हे और मैगी का घर एक दुसरे से बहुत दूर है, इसीलिए वो दो दीवाने रात के खाने के लिए नहीं मिल सकते!! पहले तो हाल ये था की सप्ताह में एक बार वो कोई समुद्र किनारे या सिनेमा घर जाते थे!! और कई बार अपनी ऑफिस के पीछे हाथ में हाथ डाले चलते थे!! इसी ने उन दोनों को इतना करीब ला दिया ये हम मानते हैं!!

बात करने से रिश्ते मज़बूत होते हैं यह आज नन्हे और मैगी के प्यार की दास्तान ने साबित कर दिया है!!नन्हे ने वैलेंटाइन’स डे पे मैगी को लाल गुलाब भी दिया था!!नन्हे ने तब अपने जीवन में पहली बार एक Red Rose खरीदा था!! उसी दिन पहली बार नन्हे मैगी के साथ  बांद्रा के बैंडस्टैंड गया था!!Bandstand वही जगह है जिसे सब दीवानों का बसेरा कहता है!! अगर नन्हे और मैगी की सुने तो उनका कहना है की “सिल्वर बीच” उनकी सबसे पसंदीदा जगह है!! नन्हे और मैगी को वहां सूरज की आँखों में आखें डाले और पानी के बहाव से खेलना अत्यंत पसंद है!! उनका कहना है की सिल्वर बीच पे समुद्र की गहराई ने ही उनके प्यार को गहरा किया है!!यह सब पढ़ के आपको लग रहा होगा की नन्हे और मैगी का प्यार बहुत ही सरलता से बढ़ रहा है!! जी हाँ, यह एक सच्चाई है!! लेकिन एक सच्चाई और है!! सरलता से बढ़ते हुए प्यार में कई बार कठिनाई भी आई है!! कई बार नन्हे और मैगी के बीच कहा सुनी भी हुई है!! इसी के साथ एक और सच्चाई है की हर कठिनाइयों के बाद नन्हे और मैगी का प्यार और गहरा हुआ है!!कुदरत ने भी नन्हे और मैगी के प्यार की कई परीक्षा ली है!!जब भी नन्हे और मैगी ने कहीं जाने का निर्णय लिया मुश्किलें कड़ी हुई है!! उतने ही निर्दयी हैं नन्हे के project वाले!!शायद उनको समझ जाता था नन्हे और मैगी मिलने की सोच रहे हैं!! हर वक़्त तभी वो नन्हे को ऑफिस बुलाया जाता था!! नन्हे और मैगी का प्यार हर कसौटी पर खरा उतरा!!उन्होंने बिना कुछ निर्णय किये ही मिलने का ठान लिया!! हर बार उनका फिर यूँही मिलन होता गया!! उनके मुताबिक उस मिलन में जो मज़ा था वो दुसरे मिलन से कहीं ज्यादा था!! वैसे ही एक दिन नन्हे मैगी के घर गया था!!उस दिन के हसीं लम्हों के बारे में आपने “Rain, Romance and YAA!!!” में पढ़ा ही होगा!! जाते जाते हमारी ओर से नन्हे और मैगी को ढेर सारी शुभकामनायें!! हम भगवान् से प्रार्थना करते हैं की उनका प्यार बढ़ता रहे!! नन्हे और मैगी का प्यार आखरी परवान तक पहुंचे यही हमारी कामना है!!
हम नन्हे और मैगी के बारे में आपको समाचार देते रहेंगे, ये हमारा हमारे पाठकों को वादा है!!