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Poonam Pandey and Liberalization

Nanhe is very impressed with the model who shot to fame during ICC 2011 Cricket World Cup.

This much introduction and you have guessed right: She is bold and beautiful (pun intended): POONAM PANDEY

Ever since Poonam made her comments regarding her wish to strip to cheer for Team India, Nanhe aspires to be a cricketer now! What a sight it will be when she will strip in dressing room and Nanhe would be the part of that mega event. Wow!! Nanhe dreams of that day! ‘We were all born nude. People take nudity as vulgarity. I see it in a different way. If I keep it as an offer for bringing the World Cup to India, which incidentally worked (laughs), I see no harm in it,’ Pandey told IANS in an interview.

Though everyone will agree that Poonam is not a beauty but the desperation to achieve success, fame and money can make her do anything and everything. After all she is proud to have dared to venture in field which has been left untouched: Pornography. Hard core pornography starts from the soft porn acts like this only. Whatever the case may be but the fact is that according to her she is main reason behind Indian Cricket Team’s success.

When India toured England early this summer they performed very badly because Poonam did only lip service. England are here now and team is doing well. The reason for success is “Poonam’s Bedroom Secrets.” This may sound strange but Poonam is confident.

Nanhe feels it would do a good for team if she can be appointed as a coach before Australia tour. As it is BCCI is paying heavy sum to support staff. If she is hired, Poonam can do the role of stress buster for the team. But she will be required to sign a bond because if Australian board pays more money, she might switch side in the mid of tour. After all money is all she is doing for.

If she really wants to do well then she should be sent to Olympics Qualifier with Hockey Team. IHF has spent lot of money to change the fortunes of Indian Hockey. If her videos can give us the ticket London Olympics then we can even ask her for strip so that we get a medal. She has said that she was doing the semi nude scenes for getting a cup after 28 years. Even Olympics Gold has not come to us since 32 years. She will have to take “little more effort” to get a medal in Olympics hockey.

Nanhe has even written a letter to MMS to use Poonam Pandey for revival of the credibility of his government. Even Lalu Yadav can use her as her star campaigner to overturn his fate in the state. All you need is money to pay this “virtuous” model. Bureaucrats may use her as building and succeeding in our diplomatic efforts as they have failed in their job. The intelligence agencies can float her around to have some specific inputs.  Perhaps, with this type of success rate, she can also be crowned as “fate changer of India”. Imagine she getting “Indian of the Year Award” and stripping again on public demand and her known ones get “tears of joy” in their eyes due to the success of Poonam. Emotional. Isn’t!

Nanhe has understood the real motive behind this “great lady” and this is why he is a Genius. The world is busy in crowning her porn star but she is a “true patriot” striving to do so much for this nation. She is giving recognition to her parents, family, friends and above all the nation.

There is saying that everything is fair in Love and War. She has just modified it saying: Everything is fair for Fame and Money.

But the success achieved by this is “Fizzzzzz Success”. Once the gas is gone, cold drink is not worth drinking! Way to go Poonam. Nanhe is already a fan of you seeing your self-proclaimed act of “dareness”.

You truly represent the “real meaning of liberalization” in India. What do the readers think? :)

Hottest Miss Universe Contestants!


Miss Argentina: Natalie Rodriquez

Miss Brazil: Priscila Machado


Miss Chile: Vanessa Ceruti


Miss Dominican Republic: Dalia Fernandez


Miss India: Vasuki Sunkavalli


Miss Israel: Kim Edry


Miss Italy: Elisa Torrini


Miss Puerto Rico: Viviana Ortiz


Miss Russia: Natalia Gantimurova


Miss Turkey: Melisa Asli Pamuk


Miss Venezuela: Vanessa Goncalves


Courtesy: REDIFF

Women with the world’s sexiest assets

1. Scarlett Johansson, 24, was also on the list, even though she has never flashed her breasts. So was Girls Aloud member Cheryl Cole.

2. Pamela Anderson’s iconic pair is very well remembered right from her days as one of Baywatch’s babes, and Paris Hilton’s are remembered from her porn video.
Image: Pamela Anderson stands on the deck of a boat before her wedding ceremony aboard a yacht in St Tropez, France
Photograph: Eric Gaillard/Reuters

3. English Page 3 Girl Keeley Hazell’s pair made her a millionaire. The 22-year-old is also number five in the World’s Sexiest Woman stakes.

4. Liz Hurley, 43, made waves when she was seen in her black low front dress in 1994, while accompanying actor Hugh Grant to the Four Weddings And A Funeral premiere.

Source: Rediff

Nanhe’s Great Expectations!!!

The news is yet not confirmed whether Nanhe has got a girlfriend or not but I have heard lot of things about this matter through many reliable sources. And as it is said “Unless there is fire there cannot be the smoke.”

Also there is news floating that many in Nanhe’s gang have just started believing that what Nanhe told them might be true to some extent. Currently my sources are in no mood to confirm any news but are busy chalking a plan of action for Nanhe now onwards. The plan which they have discussed with Nanhe, mentions how his girl can change the lives of so many like them. I am publishing the gist of the plan which I just overheard Nanhe and his gang discussing.   The plan is designed on the fact that Nanhe has caught a “big fish”. His girl’s father is into very profitable business and she owns a mansion in heart of the city. The best part is that she does not have a brother so no sharing and caring business with brother-in-law in Nanhe’s case.
So, it means our Nanhe will be a millionaire in near future.

Let me get to the plan I was talking about,

1> It is heard Nanhe is already pressing her girl to pay for his rent and monthly expenses which comes around Rs10000/-. This “wicked” Nanhe has played his trick beautifully citing reasoning that she can deduct the amount spent on “Maintenance” of his “current luxurious” life from the dowry that will be given later.

2> Nanhe expects a posh, fully furnished flat along with a BMW car in dowry. If this “super waste” gets all this, I won’t be able to show my face as I am 100 times better than Nanhe and have not caught a “small fish” as yet. I have always adored style of VVS Laxman in life cricket(If life is similar to game of Cricket). Our Nanhe who was no where near my stature and class and the one who used to be 12th man in the game will hit first ball six like Virender Sehwag!!!!

But as all of you know “मेरा badluck थोडा ख़राब चल रहा है ….” so I have finally learnt to accept it.

3> He always used to say that he is very much inspired by the movie STYLE, but I never knew that this “STYLE-LESS DEHATI” will incorporate the same in his life.

4> I always told Nanhe that I want to own a 2BHK flat and a car and have set a 10 year deadline for the same. But this “Kamina to the core” will own a mansion and a luxury car within no time. I feel like pulling my hair when these thoughts cross my mind. This is a new rag to riches story. “SLUMDOG NANHE” will be the new “MILLIONAIRE”. Who knows, he might make a movie on his story now and might win an Oscar too!!!

5> Nanhe has always been very supportive to his friends. He hasn’t wasted opportunity this time either. Champ has requested him to give him a “servant’s quarter” in his mansion. Our generous Nanhe has agreed to it and also offered him Rs 4000/- pm for sustenance. With this it will be proved that “Every dog has his day” as this bloody champ will also have one in his life very soon.

6> Once Nanhe has millions of rupees in his bank account, he can start any new venture. Though Nanhe portarys himself to be a “duffer”, I know he is very “shrewd”. God knows, he may excel in his venture and will make more bucks. Even if he fails, he would not have to worry as his bank account will swell with interest obtained on millions of rupees.

Seems Nanhe and his friends have made a full proof plan as I overheard them discussing risks and effects of the plan too.

As I have already discussed the plan I would love to mention the risk too.

I heard Nanhe sounding damn tensed while discussing the risk because his girl has always said that Nanhe is dreaming high. She has also made it clear to him that he is “Not going to get any RETURNS on his INVESTMENTS.”

So now may be you all will get why Nanhe was sounding worried while discussing the risk.

But as you all know Nanhe is very optimistic and is “SWEET & SOFT SPOKEN” I don’t think he has to worry about it.
I feel he will somehow make his way out and get his all wishes fulfilled.

Have you imagined what will be the outcome if Nanhe’s dream turns out to be true ?

1>This “unbranded” “cunning” crook will sport branded stuff now.

2> His market value will also increase as market value of a

guy depends on his girl and our Nanhe is going around with daughter of a millionaire. This will certainly give impetus. It seems that all of sudden when whole market is plummeting our Nanhe will soar high in “glory”!!!!!

Anyways on the ending note if this story is a success and to be believed then Nanhe’s life will be the latest example of “Behind every successful man there is a woman”!!!

2009’s Sexiest Women

1>, the wiki-based online hub of the world’s most famous women, has revealed who the 100 most wanted women in 2009 are. The Top 100 winners are mostly Australians, and they include supermodel Miranda Kerr and actress Isla Fisher, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The women were among the most downloaded and searched ladies on the Internet. We bring you the top five, in reverse order.

At number five is former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson, who at 41, can still give the younger lot of lissome bodies a run for their money.

Text: ANI

2> At number four is Kim Kardashian, who is better known for her social life, sex tape scandal, feud with radio personality Ana Kasparian, and her role on the E! reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

In the picture: Kim on the cover of Playboy.

3> She’s always been hot, motherhood notwithstanding. And her hotness has been celebrated and acknowledged in Maxim’s Hot 100 selection, AskMen’s 99 Most Desirable Women in 2006 and FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World in 2007.

In the picture: Alba in a scene from The Love Guru.

4> Unlike Pamela, this British model’s assets have not been surgically uplifted thus earning them the title of ‘the most beautiful all-natural pair in Britain.’

Lucy on the cover of Raph magazine.

5> The queen of hotness still reigns. Let’s see if the newly single star of Transformers [she called off her engagement with fiance Brian Austin Green] can maintain FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World.

Megan on the cover of FHM magazine.

Source: Rediff

Champ Vs Dogs!!

You all must be knowing that in our group champ is often referred as “DOG” or “KUTTA”. This is partly because his face is so much similar to that of dogs!!(See image)

(No insult meant to dogs though :D)

This weekend Champ, Satan and our very own Nanhe met at Marine Drive where they were having complete fun. There is so much happening in Satan’s and Nanhe’s life but our champ is still lagging far and far behind. This bloody dog was very jealous watching his “brothers” going around at Marine Drive. The champ was furious with the “privileges” being enjoyed by his “brothers”.
He was very upset seeing all this:

1> His “brothers” were chained but they were walking with few really hot chics while our champ still goes with satan and nanhe. Will you believe this, This bloody “dog” has turned into a gay!!
2> His other regret was that his “brothers” are living in and around the town area. They come every evening for walk while champ finds time only on weekends!!
3> An unoffical “survey” says that on an average a family spends around Rs 500/- to Rs 1000/- per day on fooding of his “brothers” while our champ is still trying to find ways to earn two meals a day. This is champ’s expediture for a month. मेरे लिए कुछ भी रूखा सूखा मिल जाए बस बहुत होता है! और यह यहाँ पर राजा की तरह जीते हैं!!
4> He is also not happy that few of his “brothers” have appeared for TV Commercials while a camera gets virus whenever his photo is clicked!!
5> His “brothers” roam around with sexy aunties, go on drive in luxury cars and even get chance to sleep with them. Our champ also does the same but only in his dreams. What a big looser he is!!

But the problem with our champ is that he does not understands that in this society there is a big gap between the one who have and have not. Our champ belongs to the former category and can be compared to stray dogs and it is legal to kill them. His “brothers” are the one belonging to the elite group where his “brothers” if owned by some celebrity can make news for weirdest of the reasons.

Ha ha…..

Watch Out if Guy is Interested in You :)

A quick glance in your direction, eye contact, a lean toward you; the guy at work has been watching you for weeks now.

His body language tells you that he is interested in you. But is he really?

Savio D’Silva, relationship and marriage counsellor and body language expert says, “There are sure body signs from men that will tell you that they are interested in you.”

Some of the most obvious ones are:

No He is Not Crying

If he has dilated pupils (i.e. the dark part of the eye becomes bigger when they see you) they are physically interested in) when he sees you that means he is interested and wants to get to know you.

And His Feet Say…

If his feet, are leaning towards you or facing you when he is in conversation with you then he is deeply interested in you.

Read His Hands!

If his hands are on the table with his palms flat on the table when he is in conversation with you then it is a sign of interest. Infact he uses the table to support himself in case he is nervous while conversing with you.

The Elbow Talk

When both elbows are on the table and he looks into your eyes then he is very interested in you and he tries to convey the message through his eyes too.

Eyes On You

If he maintains 60-80 per cent eye contact when looking at you, then he would really like to get to know you better.

Hmm, Not Sure?

If you catch him staring at you through the corner of your eye and he turns away when you look at him that means he is interested but shy of you.

He wants to talk to you, make contact but is afraid of being rejected.

Belly Boy

You find him sucking in his belly every time you pass by? Well then he does want to make a good impression on you and want to seem as attractive as possible when you are around.

A sure sign of interest, he wants to get to know you.

Itchy Chin? No, It is Not

He is talking to you and then he strokes his chin ever so slowly. He could be thinking you think. Yes thinking about asking you out.

Varkha Chulani, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist says, “Besides body language it depends on how the man treats you. The age old saying ‘Actions speak louder than words’ holds true.”

Plan of ‘Action’

Besides the body language, his actions too will tell you of his intentions. If you find that he goes out his way when you are ill, is over concerned about what time you get home, gets you some soup when you are ill and asks if you’ve had your meals on time then he is not just caring, he is looking out for you.

Hold That Thought

Savio D’Silva says that even though his body language may say the above, you need to look at two or three of these actual signs to confirm his interest.

Besides the number of signs you need to see if this behaviour is continuous. If it is a one-off thing then you could be reading too much into it. So look out for the signs. He may not have said anything yet but his body is doing the talking.

Source: IBN

Sheyla Hershey- Wants even Bigger Breasts!!

Sheyla HersheySheyla Hershey, a 28-year-old wife and mother from Houston, has had 8 surgeries on her breast to get them to their current size of FFF. Sheyla has around 2 quarts of silicone in each breasts and she wants more!
Brazil native Sheyla Hershey, already listed in the Guiness Book of World Records for having the largest breast implants, is after the top prize, the record for the world’s largest breasts.

Currently held by Lolo Ferrari, that record is within Hershey’s reach if she can stretch a Texas law just like she does those massive 34FFF breasts. Lolo Ferrari currently holds the world record for the largest breast implants and according to the Guinness Book of Records, each of her breasts weighed 6.2 lbs. Ferrari died in 2000.

Seems that Texas prohibits breast implants containing more than 1,000 cubic centimeters of silicone for fear of scar tissue forming due to the strain of carrying more than a qiart of silicone in each breast.
1. Texas state law limits each breast to 1,000 cubic centimeters of silicone
2. Medical risks: Back and shoulder pain, scar tissue and the possible failure to detect underlying breast cancer.

Sheyla Hershey- Wants even Bigger Breasts!!Sheyla Hershey Quote
“I want to look better each day, every day Everybody’s got a dream inside, you know? And, it’s good when you can make your dream come true.”

Now isn’t that something very weird or it is just the case where a person is chasing a dream without caring for the life. whatever be the case, one thing is clear– Bigger is Better. Ha Ha!!

What are your views??

More info, Pics and Videos of Sheyla Hershey here.

Guys Avoid Failure, this VALENTINE’s DAY!!

Nanhe couldn’t find a girl for himself till date, but he has studied a lot on how to seduce and attract the girl. He has been a failure when it comes to girls but you can try his tips and succeed. If you have really succeeded then just post a comment to let Nanhe know about that. Here goes our very own Nanhe.

Guys, before you can date women, you will first have to learn how to approach them and meet them. When you find a really hot girl that interests you, you can never take her on a date unless you go straight to her and use all your charm that you have mastered so you will not get rejected.

Valentine’s DayYou will not Spend Valentine’s Day Alone

  • If you are really serious about taking your success with women to a level you never ever dreamed possible. Check this out and I will tell you the reason you should avoid so you’ll never have to face failure again.
  • I haven’t used pheromones or colognes that they say do attract women when you use them, but I do know that their effects do die out. You have to realize that love is not something “instant”. It is something you build one brick at a time, invest hardwork and real emotions before you can reap results and be loved in return.
  • Picking up women can seem like a full time job for most men but if you know where and when you can go to find them, the choices of women you can get is endless. Go to where there are a lot of them!
  • Friendships with women are wonderful and some guys even have a girl for a best friend. These friendships are special in their own way BUT we all have to agree that being more than a friend to a really hot girl compares to nothing. Sources

Valentine If any girl who has read this and want to go on a date with Nanhe, do let him know. He is waiting and waiting……..