Corruption: The Bane of India and Anna Hazare

The support for Anna Hazare is growing with every passing day. The people have simmering anger and they are letting it out this time. The common sentiment is “Aakhiri Ladai hai, Chodhenge Nahin“.

It is time to wake up from deep slumber and demand corruption free India. As always I will harp on the role of youth as we form the backbone of this nation. We are going to be there in the decades to come and is our onus to decide as what type of India do we want.

This is a poem on which I stumbled from WAKE UP INDIA.

Corruption is spreading its roots,
Indiscipline is what it includes.
Usually it takes the form of bribe,
The word is enough in itself for the happening to describe.
It fills one’s mind with greed,
Thus makes the person a broken reed.
It fights against and kills the truth,
Changing the real meaning of forsooth.
It never does the work for humanity,
And leads a man to the path of profanity.
It makes a person blind,
He forgets the true path to find.
One wants his life to be luxurious,
For this, he chose the way of corruption instead of being tedious.
It makes one impatient so soon,
It is totally a bane not a boon.
So, lets take a pledge and raise a voice against corruption,
As it is one of the biggest threats to the nation!

Come On India…. Chak De!!!!!!!!!!!!

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