Dedicated to Nanhe’s love!!

This is one of the very nice romantic poem which Nanhe came across while surfing the internet. He would like it to dedicate to his girl friend. Hopefully she will like it. :) (But does Nanhe has a girl friend??) But this poem can be used by any one!! So Enjoy it and thank the author.

I’m happy with you.
Kiss me slowly, look into my eyes
Stroke your hand along my arm,
Down to my side, and embrace me forever
Within your arms.

Tenderly lay me beside you
Whisper you love me
And take me away.

Your hand through my hair,
Softly stroking my neck,
I’m helplessly yours
And you’re hopelessly mine

Your eyes show me the happiness
Your smile shows me your love
Face to face, we are so close
And all I want to do is hold you and kiss you
I think I adore you.

Your soft lips are caressing my face
Little kisses all over,
Make me feel so blessed
My smile cannot be wiped off by pettiness

Just like silly little children
We say nothing and smile blankly at one another
Conveying so much,
The feeling is ecstasy
I cannot belive the effect you have on me.

by Tonya Iasisen

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