How About having a “SEX POLITICAL PARTY” in our country

One day Nanhe was surfing the internet when he came across a very weird news that very soon there is going to be a political party for people who are “serious” about sex. The party name is ‘The Australian Sex Party.’ Well, you might think that this is the first such party but in reality we had similar parties in Canada and Columbia in the year 2005. The parties fought the elections as well and got less than 1% of the total votes. The main agenda of this political party includes promoting for, ‘a national sex education curriculum, reducing censorship, abolishing the government’s proposed internet filter and supporting gay marriage’.
Well this political party is unique in a sense because the issues which it plans to address our real sensitive issues. Nanhe just told me that, if the similar party get into Indian Politics, it can do wonders. Our politicians are so power hungry and vote inclined that they will not miss the opportunity to try their luck on the ticket of such party. Well there is no price of guessing that the number of sex workers, transgenders, homosexual, etc is huge. Till date we have not included them in our scheme of things. Mumbai is Asia’s biggest sex industry and this chunk of the population will form the vote bank of such a political party in the country. Homosexuals and transgenders are now raising their voices for equal rights. Then there is a group of people like you who illegally download porn films from the internet and watch them. Imagine, once you are watching a porn film and at the time of your climax, someone knocks at the door. You open the door and found that police has raided and you are arrested!! Kya ho raha tha aur kya ho gaya. So don’t you want that porn should be legalized. The number of such people also runs in millions. Combining all the group, you can sense that this political party will have large vote bank.
If any of you reading this post is interested to climb the ladder of success in the politics, you must give the serious thought to this proposal of Nanhe. But you must be prepared for some serious opposition from the conservative group which can turn violent and you might pay with your life. Though this conservative group never raises its voice when their is rape or they will never lend a helping hand in rehabilitating the victim.
As a country we need to focus some of the serious problems that trend to threaten our society such as AIDS, sexualisation of children, children being exposed to material, injustice to transgenders etc and if a political party can help them, then it is worth taking a risk.

Nanhe’s Conclusion:
Sex is as important as food but yet we consider it a taboo. It is time we recognise that sex should not be taboo; and that it does mix with politics. Though we should not promote the public display of affection and stop any such move which degrades the morals in the society but at the same time, a broad based sex party that promotes sex positive attitudes, sexual health and the rights of sex workers and sexual minorities is urgently needed in an environment where religious groups and conservatives think they have the right to regulate or morally prescribe the boundaries and privacy of individuals’ sex lives.

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