In Loving Memory of Tauji!


Words cannot express what we feel
your departure from us is tough indeed

You have been guiding force in our lives

without you we all are emptied

You have been the foundation of our family
Holding us together in cheer and despair

You were like a big tall tree

Smiling and bestowing love on every dear

During the time when greed is everywhere
Your character is a flare
you never deviated from your credo
which is difficult to be seen elsewhere

Your life is a constant source of inspiration
Your morals, values and ethics
will light our path in darkness
And will provide much needed motivation

You have left an eternal impact
Your teachings and beliefs will forever be etched in our heart
You will be remembered by one and all
you’ll always be real close, even though we’re far apart

Today you have left for your heavenly abode
God will welcome you with open arms
You’ll be a shining star
no matter how far away you seem
You’ll forever remain in our heart!!


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