Merits of Smoking!!!!

Last week i was travelling by local train. On my way to Andheri, a young man of my age was smoking in the compartment. On my request he threw the cigarette and we started a light conversation. He was long lost friend, falcon. Being a non-smoker i started my speech on how smoking is harmful? He very patiently listened to my speech, agreed and disagreed on few points as well. Once i finished off, he told me that he can prove that smoking is not that bad. I asked him to prove his point. And this is what he said—————-

” कौन कहता है
कि cigarette सीने को जलाती है
अरे कमबख्त यह तो सीने की आग है जो cigarette को सुल्गाती है…”

Tell me, how can something happily burn itself down, just clinging to your lips taking its last breath fore your five minutes be bad???Just how could it be? Sure my right chest pains occasionally, but the pain on on the left hand side, in my heart,is unbearable!!! So should I stop loving someone? Does that make “love” bad? For those who are not satisfied here are some advantages of smoking …. and the list is not exhaustive.

  • smokeIt brings revenue to the country, ( one of the highest taxes are levied on Cigarettes) so it helps in building the nation.
  • It leads to male impotency so it is an effective measure of population control.
  • “Smoking kills you slowly”, So what? who is in hurry? . See If I start smoking at the age of 20 in all probability I will develop complications in mid 30s …and continue living up till late 40s to 60. So In fact I have lived all my productive years of my life and have contributed to society while I can. Now living further would mean, being a burden on the already depleted natural resources, hence we are actually doing a service to mankind!
  • We are saving the environment, we are making the planet green. Now just take into account the amount of oxygen that a tobacco plant produces in a lifetime and compare that with the amount of toxic waste that cigarette from the same plant produces… it is way too less, not to mention that on the death of plant the same waste would be released to the environment.
  • Generally, people who smoke needs a kind of reassurance, so my beloved cigarette provides that. Hence no need to be dependent on somebody.
  • It builds self- confidence, keeps your morale high.
  • It helps you stretch to the extreme, So you can work nights.
  • It is a great stress buster like sex, with several distinct advantage, it is always available, is cheap, and no need to stick to the same brand.
  • It has its own charisma.
  • Smokers, often are much better observers, this is due to the fact that they often look for some discreet corner to have a fag, trying to hide from parents, looking out for suitable makeshift ash-tray or simply looking out for no smoking signs. Hence they make alert citizen- a prevention mechanism for terrorist attack.
  • It is easy to make friends once you start smoking, you are no longer a social outcast. A lot can happen over cigarette.

In short Smoking is bliss ……. “Gudang Garam International” here I come!!!

After listening to this explanation i thought that he is not entirely wrong and probably i should also start smoking. But then i gained my senses and thought that no wonder whatever we do you just cannot convince a smoker that smoking is injurious to health.

0 thoughts on “Merits of Smoking!!!!

  1. walkingdragon

    Hey, i have started smoking after reading this…..thanks a lot now i m also contributing in Nation Building…..

  2. Awadhesh

    Good Sarcasm.. yet, on the face of it.. each point still has a counter-argument that can question the very criterion on which smoking has been justified.. (by the way.. being a sarcastic write-up, one doesnt really need to do so 😉 )

  3. ashwini

    mast yaar me actually merits of smoking search kar rha tha and i get the full article nw i cn convince many persons.

    Lage raho india lage rho.
    Gold flake is best.

  4. santosh

    Hey……. great article excellent really what you said is exactly right that the smokers are good observers and also make good frieds even i got so many friends while smoking and also smokers always try to enjoy the weather it is very lucky that we are habituated to cigarsssssssssss.

  5. insane

    Anythng except male impotency is accetable,so i prefer you to smoke weeds,it is harmless and mindsoothing


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