My Country My Valentine

Nanhe wrote this poem in 2009. He has now decided to post this poem and hopefully similar thinking citizens will do something concrete. Have a motivating reading….

She is especial
She is caring
She is selfless
She has given me all I wished

Last year she was attacked umpteen number of times,
Scarred from Jammu to Bangalore
and Ahmedabad to Guwahati,
Resulting many of her sons/daughters losing their lives

The enemy is envious of her progress and the unity that binds,
Aprt from external, internal problems are also testing times

The prinicple less politics is making matters worse,
The root cause of almost all problems starts from us

It is the time,
To take responsibility,
To realize we cannot evade from our duty,
To take deep plunge in the nation’s polity,
To take future in our hands and see it resting on our palms
To start a new movement to bring reforms.

My country is looking at me,
To safeguard her pride and modesty.
I want to assure, I will not eschew her
As I now understand my accountability.

My Country will be My Valentine,
Till I see her up their on cloud Nine.

My Country will be My Valentine,
Till the last breath of mine.


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