Never Wash Your Jeans!!

With ‘Eco-tips for jeans’ the United Nation Environment Program shows us how we can all participate in the fight against climate change by adopting good practices during the use phase of our jeans. Wear your jeans at least 3 times, wash them in cold water, don’t use the dryer or the iron. By following these practices people can consume up to 5 times less energy! By following these rules you can save 240 kwh of energy a year—that’s equal to using 4,000 light bulbs for an hour. A study by a French environmental agency on the ecological impact of a pair of jeans has revealed these startling facts.
JeansNow when me and my friends heard this news we were just ecstatic about it. What a great news it is. We at the hostel wash our jeans once in three weeks. So that means actually we are indirectly contributing to save the planet EARTH. Every time when i never use to wash my jeans my Mom will get very upset with me but now she will feel proud that her son is doing so much for the environment. In fact in the hostel it is just celebration time and we have started a competition as who will emerge winner by not washing the jeans in the entire semester!! A garment has to be maintained, including cleaning, drying and pressing, but the owner can choose how to do this!! We have our own style.

इसी को तो कहते हैं यारों का टशन …..
Moreover we never iron our jeans as well coz our IRON is always out of order. By not doing so we have given a new style of “Wrinkle Jeans” and mind you it has become immensely popular on our campus. I almost never wash my jeans and I love the way they’ve broken in. It’s my dirty little secret, but it gives great results!!
So my fellow friend if you are still washing your jeans stop it right now and save the planet.

0 thoughts on “Never Wash Your Jeans!!

  1. khisakti building

    A sigh of relief for hostelities. Washing clothes is a BIG headache for them. anyways its a big relief… great news

  2. Shannon Morris

    I NEVER wash my jeans! I love how dirty jeans look and feel ! If you wash your jeans….STOP ! Let them get dirty and stay dirty !

  3. mayur kumar

    i need bulk jeans for girls n boys
    boys size i need 28/30/32/34
    for girls all send me the prize for 200 jean in boys n for girls i need 100


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