No Moral Values in Society

Instead of being concerned about our moral health, we have decided to not only neglect it but also design a new set of values:

  • Anti-God: very trendy nowadays. However it is a huge step towards nihilism.
  • Anti-Family: lack of strategy. Denying one’s family is the same as “free booting” on success.
  • Anti-State: the refusal to exercise the right to vote; fraudulent behaviour against the nation (i.e. tax evasion) and, at the end have the nerve to demand better NHS services, education, and pensions for all.
  • Materialism: one is not interested in leading a good life anymore; instead one aggravates oneself to achieve the so-called good life.
  • Futility: the cult of shallowness. Lack of purpose and intentions in life; disrespect for intellectual inheritance.
  • Instability: self-imposed aggravation. One struggles too hard to fit in. Life is perceived as a gigantic Venetian carnival, where one’s true identity, essence is barred.
  • Corruption: (Constantia replaced by corruption) instead of aspiring to the sublimation of one’s customary behaviour one chooses to be bought, at any price, to appease one’s own demons.

The above can be viewed as evolution of behaviour, or a trend of modern societies; however I have sadly reached the conclusion that as individuals, group, society and nations, at this point (21st century), we are morally bankrupt.


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