Oh! That “V” Factor

Boy n GirlNanhe was busy with some “stupid exams” in which he was screwed and this is the reason why this post is coming so late. This post might be weird for some and  fun for some. But let me tell you that Nanhe has been in all such situations but unfortunately is still not got over with ‘it’. Poor Nanhe says अपनी तो ऐसे नसीब नहीं….. Well if any girls are interested in Nanhe do let him know. Anyways enjoy reading this post……

For women, having sex for the first time creates a huge moral and emotional confusion, while for boys, the biggest problem seems to be finding someone to lose it with. Do men even care about who they lose their virginity to?

Is loss of virginity one of the most memorable experiences for a man?

Hemant Kapoor, 26 I grew up in a religious family and wanted to wait till I got married to do it the first time. Then I almost did ‘it’ with a girl I felt strongly connected to, at 17. But my values held me back.

By the time I reached my 20th birthday, the pressure of having to lose ‘it,’ made me decide this was the year to ‘do it’. I started dating online. Months passed till I met someone at a private party. I thought she would be good to get ‘it’ over with.

Much to my surprise, ‘it’ was great. I guess I was under the impression that sex would change everything about me, when really it was pure fun. When we finished, she asked me how many partners I’d had before her.

I was too embarrassed to tell her that she was my first. The day after the big event, my friends who had always made fun of me greeted me with a big cheer and round of applause.

Ralson Coelho, 29 I was around 17 when I lost ‘it’. She was much older than me. We were seeing each other for almost a month. One day, I dropped in at her place, when she was alone. We got intimate. One thing led to another and before we knew it, we were at it.. and I ended up losing my virginity.

It wasn’t planned. It was a terrible experience for me, in a way.

I didn’t know what to do or what to expect, because it was the first time for me. But I’m happy it happened with someone older.. it was fun because she was experienced. These things are better experienced with an older woman rather than with a fresher.. experience counts.

It was too early for me to get into a serious relationship with her. Maybe if I’d been older, I would have. I saw her for some time after that but nothing special developed between us, at least from my side. I don’t think virginity or anything to do with sex is sacred for guys.

Vinay Kapadia, 31 I’d always thought that I would lose my virginity to someone special.. and it happened that way. I was in the second year of college. She was in my class. We were good friends but I had a soft corner for her. I felt that she also thought of me in a special way.

Finally we found an opportunity to get close. It was an overnight college trip. It was a bit of an adventure, trying to escape unnoticed by our classmates and friends, to enjoy some intimate moments together. It was the first time for both of us.. it felt really beautiful.

We started seeing each other after that. We were in a strong relationship for five years. We broke up because of family pressure. Sunil Sharma, 23 I was 18. I was in std XII and went for group tuitions. I studied in a boy’s school, my only exposure to girls was in my tuition classes. She was beautiful, I was attracted to her. She had the reputation of being a ‘fast’ girl. That didn’t matter. We hit if off very well.

One day, the opportunity presented itself to us. Some of us had decided to hook up at her place for a maths practice session. We were four of us initially but two of them backed out. I couldn’t believe my luck.

Her house was huge. I cannot forget how I dashed off to the chemist for a pack of condoms. We were scared, initially. It was the first time for both of us. But ultimately we enjoyed it a lot. In a way, I was also relieved because it was something I’d wanted to be over and done with.
Almost all my friends had lost it, so there was tremendous pressure on me to lose my so-called ‘virginal’ status. She didn’t become my girlfriend after that but we did share some special moments later.

Source: HT Cafe

15 thoughts on “Oh! That “V” Factor

  1. babita

    you know its a courageous topic to choose. sex is thought as a taboo in indian culture bcoz we are taught from our childhood days and made to think “arrange marrige” as the sexist and not dating. so we grew up and a point comes in every indian girls life when they start thinking thier virginity as an asset and think to be proud off… and in case of boys the examples you posted say a lot about indian men mindset.

  2. Rishabh

    Well this is not a Mindset of Indian Men. Lemme tell you that even girls are not interested in a long term relationships either. Writer has commented on Men’s sex bcoz u read a far more about girls but not boys. And moreover “Taali ek haath se nahi bajti”


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