Sankat City @ Uday

Nanhe was suppose to go to for meeting with our Mity. But because of rains that meeting was canceled and Nanhe ended up landing at champ’s place. There was no work for both of them. At 12 noon, Nanhe asked champ to go for some movie. Nanhe was in favor of Shortkut at Sahkar Plaza but champ was not willing due to financial constraints. Champ then told Nnahe that only Sankat City has got good reviews and we should watch that only. We searched BT and found that the nearest cinema it was available was at Uday Cinema in Ghatkopar(W). Nanhe called the theater and enquired about show timings and cost of a ticket. The manager replied it was 20/25 bucks. Nanhe was left shocked and thought it will not be a theater but a video hall sort of. After long discussion champ and Nanhe left the home at 12-20pm. They reached to the cinema and found it to be the one destroyed during the British period. Anyways they bought the ticket and enetered the balcony of the cinema hall. There was total darkness as the movie has begun and there was no one to guide. You can sit anywhere. Nanhe and champ were about to sit when only uncle in cinema hall said that “Wo kursi tooti hai.” They moved a row ahead. Again uncle shouted “Wo gandi hai.” The theater in itself was “so clean” that it didn’t mattered whether the chair were clean or not. The movie started and the screen was divided into two. The upper half of the characters in film was visible on lower half of the screen. Then as time passed by the screen was back to normal. First, Nanhe as always was abusing champ for coming to such a shabby cinema hall but the movie was really funny and so it gripped both Nanhe and champ. Then came the interval. This was the first time that they got opportunity to look around the theater. Awesome man!! The chairs, the screen, the fans, etc. There were 10 people in balcony. The tubelight was also defected and was dancing. After watching the fim, champ and Nanhe left the theater laughing on movie and the cinema hall and yet another stupidity that they did.

But the film is really PAISA VASOOL.

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