Sarkar Raj is one of the best movie by RGV

Well the exam pressure is over from Nanhe and he is enjoying and relaxing by seeing some quality movies all this week. As fas as Nanhe is concerned, he is in deep love with the Dark and Offbeat films. The films which are bit different and instead of providing the entertainment, they give you something to ponder over with or discuss with the friends. The film which Nanhe saw just few hours ago is SARKAR RAJ.
Poster Sarkar Raj

The movie has got some extreme reviews with few really appreciating the movie while some going out and out against the film. But the reviews given by critic is totally based on his knowledge and liking and of course prejudice about the film and film maker. So here is the word of advise to you all that please don’t decide which film to watch depending on the reviews or ratings given by the critic. Use your commonsense and just go out for the film. If you do this then their is high percentage that you will not be disappointed. This review rating is all the part of business and you can have your own reviews as well!!
SARKAR RAJ is the sequel of SARKAR (though there should be no comparison of which part was better) and starts from where the first part ends. Abhsihek Bachchan has took the seat of Sarkar and his only motive of the life is ” Welfare of the People”. He continues with his work and in the way he becomes itch for many in the Politics. If you have decent understanding of how the politics is being played or is played then SARKAR RAJ is must watch. Nanhe has always believed that there is so much to learn from each movie, no matter how bad the movie is.

The biggest lesson you get from the movie is that “Jab hum Zindagi apni Shart par jeete hain to usski keemat chukaani padti hai.” It is always better that we are ready for that. How the political games are played and once you develop an understanding of the same you will realize that it is better than the Chess.

Sarkar Raj not only captures a true positive image which embarks upon some leaders, but also the faith and courage that co-exists in their souls to make them what they are.
amitabh bachchan as SARKARComing back to movie, Abhishek is damn good with his get up, performance and everything he does suits him and he has given a superb performance. Aishwarya has done her part very well. But the “Baap” of all the actors and an institution himself, AMITABH BACHCHAN delivers yet another powerful and great performance. He is menacing in his dark dhoti- kurta and Ramu has exploited his talent to the full by giving us tight close ups all through. Big B emotes with subtle flexing of his facial muscles and without resorting to exaggerated mannerisms that seem the standard tool of most ‘baddies’. The new faces in the film are also well moulded and Bala, without any dialogue is very good. The technical aspects is also good and the movie with no songs and dance sequence grips you for odd 130 minutes. The chant of Govinda – Govinda in the background is awesome and it shakes you within. Few of the best dialogues are:
1. “Is project par sirf Imaandar log kaam karenge.”
2. “Jaan Lena Jurm hai, Sahi samay par jaan lena RAJNITI Hai.”
3. “Mantriji se kahiye agar woh Maharshtra ke baare mein sochenge tab Maharashtra unke baare mein sonchega.”

Ram Gopal VarmaThe movie is full of some really very good dialogues. There is something so very especial about RGV is that despite of so many negative reviews and criticism, he has always preferred to make a different film and is treat for movie lovers like Nanhe. He is the one director in the industry who has always set the trend and is delight for the actors too to work with him. ABs have said that Ram Gopal Varma is a different director and its great to have very few people like him.
This uniqueness of RGV is something so especial and you become “Murid” of such a person who despite having failed in experiments delivers again and yet again.
As my fellow blogger bookeazy says: Sarkar Raj does teach you a thing or two. It asks you to look a little deeper into the scenario. It urges you to take action about the corrupt and devilish politicians. Kindly see this movie if you care for our country. Although its just pure fiction, comon.. so what it is?

0 thoughts on “Sarkar Raj is one of the best movie by RGV

  1. hiten jain

    hi guys………

    great work by rgv…..GOOD STORY super hit…

    great acing by dad and son
    dialog delivery is amazing what i can say….
    my favorite 1 is which defines politics….


    aish is back in bollywood …looking great.



  2. Incognito

    Sorry guys. I beg to differ. Just saw d movie. Would consider it decent but nothin beyond. First d over the top background music gets to u. It is loud viciferous and its omnipresent feel through out d movie frustrates u after some time. Probably i was sitting in d last row nd right under the speaker,so maybe its a biased opinion.
    Another point that disappointed me was that ramu shud make him his mind as to who d main character is, is it Abhishek or Amitabh coz Amitabh just gets into his role in the last ten minutes of the movie, till then he has very very little to do. Abhishek has done well though. But d manner in which people get killed in d movie, it looks more like a mafia thing than politics. Even in politics u dont really see a group of major members in d opposition suddenly being shot. But it is a work of fiction so lets give it to ramu. But i see a lot of satya nd shiva nd james in d movie, expected it to be a political thriller not really a mafioso thing.
    Aishwarya is fantastic through d movie nd is d surprise package of d film. Nd all d talks of no romantic angle there between abhi nd ash in d movie is bull shit. How can they star in d same movie nd not been in love.
    D end of d movie does reveal a lot, but at d end i dont really c how Sarkar came out a winner in d movie. In d earlier version atleast Sarkar had come out trumps but here he seems to have lost d battle.
    Characterization is perfect as every character has a major role to play but which is all only conveyed at d end. D good part of d movie that there is going to be a sequel with Aishwarya nd a new male actor in it. Lookin forward to it.. Was a good experience watchin dis one but not a great one..


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