Sheyla Hershey- Wants even Bigger Breasts!!

Sheyla HersheySheyla Hershey, a 28-year-old wife and mother from Houston, has had 8 surgeries on her breast to get them to their current size of FFF. Sheyla has around 2 quarts of silicone in each breasts and she wants more!
Brazil native Sheyla Hershey, already listed in the Guiness Book of World Records for having the largest breast implants, is after the top prize, the record for the world’s largest breasts.

Currently held by Lolo Ferrari, that record is within Hershey’s reach if she can stretch a Texas law just like she does those massive 34FFF breasts. Lolo Ferrari currently holds the world record for the largest breast implants and according to the Guinness Book of Records, each of her breasts weighed 6.2 lbs. Ferrari died in 2000.

Seems that Texas prohibits breast implants containing more than 1,000 cubic centimeters of silicone for fear of scar tissue forming due to the strain of carrying more than a qiart of silicone in each breast.
1. Texas state law limits each breast to 1,000 cubic centimeters of silicone
2. Medical risks: Back and shoulder pain, scar tissue and the possible failure to detect underlying breast cancer.

Sheyla Hershey- Wants even Bigger Breasts!!Sheyla Hershey Quote
“I want to look better each day, every day Everybody’s got a dream inside, you know? And, it’s good when you can make your dream come true.”

Now isn’t that something very weird or it is just the case where a person is chasing a dream without caring for the life. whatever be the case, one thing is clear– Bigger is Better. Ha Ha!!

What are your views??

More info, Pics and Videos of Sheyla Hershey here.

0 thoughts on “Sheyla Hershey- Wants even Bigger Breasts!!

  1. Dave

    As a chiropractor in training and she WILL be looking for spinal treatment soon enough. If all that silicone doesn’t get her, the excess weight will ruin her spine. By the time she’s 40 she’s likely to have her thorax spine curved like someone 30 years older. Not to mention the pressure put on her arm nerves by the bra straps.

    Each to their own but she’s taking some serious risks and will almost certainly be looking old before her time.


  2. breanna

    my name is breanna morris im in the 6th grade and im 12 im wondering why you want bigger breasts u have a son and he has to worry about u i know what he is going through i know im only 12 but i know alot of things and i worrry alot in my life and and i worry to much alot of people in my life r sick including my mom and my dad and i just want you to know that if u or your son need to talk im here for you and i hope this helps you and your son!!! thankyou for your time.

  3. Leslie

    I am a 29 year old women who had a breast reduction about a year ago due to having medical problems due to having big breast. I was a 44DDD and suffered from back and shoulder pain, troubles breathing and laying down and pain while walking. The pain I suffered was not worth the attention that this lady is so desperate for. Anyone in their right mind would not abuse their body the way this lady has. The media has giving her the one thing she is looking for ATTENTION. this story is not worth the medias time. This lady needs the time of a psychologist. She clearly has some kinda of self esteem issues going on. Is there not another way to beat a world record how about for being the brightest blond? I dont find this lady flattering or even good looking. no wonder her son as asked her to stop doing this he must be so embarrassed.

  4. RandomGuy

    Hey everyone, newsflash- we’re all freaks. Let this nice lady be a freak in her own way. Wait, I forgot that these stories are designed to distract you from the more important things in life. Like your life. Pointing at someone different from you and getting into their business is what keeps us from looking at ourselves and our own pain.

  5. Garf Vader

    I would make love to Sheyla all day everyday if she were mine. Those breasts are the most beautiful mounds of happiness I have ever seen.

  6. alison

    I would like to have implants when i am older, and look like sheyla, she looks very pretty but i think if shes happier with larger breasts then she should have them. th elaw is silly because boys always like breasts and it would be nice for them too.

  7. alison

    I would like to have implants when i am older, and look like sheyla, she looks very pretty but i think if shes happier with larger breasts then she should have them. the law is silly because boys always like breasts and it would be nice for them

  8. Basil Smith

    Maybe you could have used that money to seek therapy for why you’re so desperate for attention.

    Our office started a betting pool of the date for your breast reduction.

    What’s sad is that you’re a novelty at best now, and no one will ever take you seriously. You’ve done more damage to yourself than just physical, but I”m betting you’re not quite bright enough to comprehend that yet.

  9. kim

    it looks like someones gigantic rear end has been attached to her chest. you dont even see her, just those disgusting disproportionate breasts!

  10. Cassie

    If this woman needs to have a huge breast size just to feel confident in herself then there is a problem.

    From what I know the kind of attention she’s going for with those huge breasts is usually unwanted. What is in her mind so deeply that she feels the need to have those breasts? The only men who flawk to that are the immature, perverted boys, who see a pair of breats and think boobs they’re huge woah! Where as a man will say uhh they’re interesting to look at but not what I’d want. Aside from which she’s married if her husband loved her the way she was then she should be satisfied with that.

    That being said I have naturally large breasts (32G) so it’s a major pain in the ass to find a quality bra that isn’t over 90 dollars or poorly constructed. I can’t imagine how she finds bras that would fit her unless the silicon hold itself up. What of leading a normal life? Isnt’ quality of life more important then being an object to stare and go holy shit, what the hell was that? Woah that’s an incredibly freaky looking woman.

    I’m just wondering why she’d rather be an object of sight rather then a human being with function.

  11. Chris Armstrong

    Sure, she’s going to have back and nerve problems. And yes she probably does have emotional issues. But it’s her body and her boobs (even though she had to pay for most of them). And yes, I am fasinated (reflects, my own emotional issues, I’m sure). So go for it Sheyla. I’m a fan and I’l be watching.

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  13. Yuette Abels

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