Successful FLIRTING is a stepping stone to “SUCCESS”

A seductive glance or a smart pickup line -all of us know that flirting is the crucial first step of the dating ladder. This vital interaction can either make or break our chances of developing new relationships.

FlirtFor some, flirting comes as naturally as breathing. For others, the mere thought is enough to make them tense. Many agree that one does not have to be a raving beauty or a stud to flirt successfully.. it’s only attitude. Eye contact Rahul, a diehard flirt professes, “Be positive, upbeat and self-confident.. and you’ll waste no time in attracting the opposite sex. If you’re not the confident sort, no one has to know that. Project an air of confidence by standing up straight with your chin held high and shoulders pulled back.”

Sonal feels that eye contact is a great way to flirt across the room, if one is too shy to approach the person. She adds, “This might entice the person to make the first move. Combined with a cheerful smile, this is the best way to look approachable and attract someone without saying a word.”

She feels that you have to give the impression that you’re having a good time.. people find you more attractive. For the bold sort, there’s the tried-and-tested ‘break the ice by making conversation’. But some argue that it’s difficult to carry on a Flirtconversation if the answers received are in monosyllables. Physical contact So the trick is to ask questions that require a longer response. Kunal, a self-proclaimed flirt feels that slight physical contact can work wonders. “If you are in a crowded place and it’s hard to hear, lean forward and rest your hand very lightly on the other person’s arm while he or she is talking to you.

“If the person does not approve of this, he or she will pull away. Look out for these signals and back off if necessary. You shouldn’t come across as a creep or get slapped,” he ends with a laugh. Common interests According to experts, after you’ve managed to strike a conversation, it’s important to show genuine interest in what the person is saying. Looking into the distance with glazed eyes and an offhand “yeah,” every now and then will not take you anywhere.

But nothing works like sharing common interests. Kunal liked a girl in college and made his moves after checking out her interests. He was lucky to discover that they had common interests.

Prachi married Harish after going around with him for four years. It was love at first sight for them but they were too shy to express it. Prachi laughs, “I knew he wanted to talk to me. He’s shy and I’m the reserved sort.. so none of us could make the first move. Charm appeal After a point, she got very desperate to talk to him. One day she wore a bright T-shirt with a catchy message on it. It worked. She laughs, “I can easily recommend my tried-and-tested formula to those in a similar situation.”

For many, flirting with someone doesn’t necessarily mean they want to hit the sheets with that person. It’s just a mood-booster. They never fail to compliment even a 70-year-old or flash a smile at a waiter or liftman. The bottom line is – you never know who’s watching you. Your charm could be working on a cute bystander unawares.

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