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FAITH can help you in clearing the exams!!!

There is a common saying that “Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to.”

During an exam time, you can see so many examples of faith. Nanhe and few of his friends went for a great dinner yesterday night and were just discussing this topic of faith. Though their discussion was all crap but still… actually they never talk anything except crap…

1> Once upon a time during exams Nanhe was so upset and was unable to study for an exam. Three days prior to exam, he lost all hopes to clear all the exams. सारे रास्ते बंद होने के पश्चात् अपने नन्हे मियां भगवान् भरोसे हो लिए…
Then for the next 3 days he went to temple without slipper in his feet very early in the morning. God answered all his prayers and he passed in the exam with the flying colours. Imagine he scored more than what the other guys scored though they studied for full 4 days.

2> Then this bloody dog.. our champ… Once during an examination period, he was “trying” to study. In the morning hours before the exam…. a guy from his batch asked if he has studied XYZ topic.. he told champ that this is very important.. this and that… Our champ was unfazed by all this because he hasn’t studied that… He just said… यह … यह तो नहीं आ रहा है आज…. the other guy laughed but after exam… he came again to champ’s room and said, … यार next exam..में क्या नहीं आएगा वो बोल दे….. कृपा होगी तेरी….

3> In every exam there is one paper which is considered to be the most tough…. when the day of this exam arrives…. the small temple in room/hostel sees rush of “studious” students…. भगवान् यह पेपर निकलवा दीजिये… अगली बार मैं पक्का पढूंगा…please please….

4> The world has changed a lot and now people dont have trust on anyone… not even on God you see…. whenever we will pray to GOd we will always say…. “God if you will help me in clearing today’s exam, i will donate 101/- rupees.” No one will ever promise to donate before… ha ha…. And then if wish is fulfilled we will donate 51/- rupees sayng that God as everything and i need to manage my expense…..

5> Few poeple are so confident during exam that they won’t study even…. they will say…i know i cannot clear… so why to study…. these idiots will study at the last moment and succeed in exam with 40 marks….and when u wil ask them.. they will say…. मैंने परीक्षा पूर्व अपने माता पिता से बात की थी… उन्होंने ने आशीर्वाद दिया था..इसीलिए निकल गया….everytime i pass the exam because of their blessings….

A person who just not believe in faith, he must come and give few exams and he will have full faith in faith…. Comeon friends.. u all must have done the same thing…. and now when u remember u will laugh…. but u wont be able to say whether it is faith or luck….