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Rain, Romance and YAAAAAAAA!!

Last Saturday, Nanhe has planned to go on date after long time with his girl friend. But due to some official commitment that didn’t materialized. Nanhe left the office in even 5-30 pm and called his girl friend. After some discussion they decided to meet at NP. Nanhe called champ as well. He asked champ to be on time. For the past few meeting champ has always been coming late and that let Nanhe become furious on the bloody idiot, CHAMP.

That day champ reached the meeting point on time. Nanhe and his girl friend later reached together. Nanhe made champ wait for more than 30 minutes. That score was settled that day. Thereafter, champ, Nanhe and his girl friend did some time pass. Then all of sudden it started raining. It was very romantic weather with nice drizzle and violent sea. Hence Nanhe enjoyed with his girl friend full on.

Then after spending quality time, Nanhe and champ decided to leave. But Nanhe’s gf asked them to come to her place. Nanhe was initially reluctant but then champ agreed and Nanhe reached his “sasural”. Ha ha :)

Nanhe’s “sasural waala’s” are very friendly. Champ and Nanhe enjoyed their hospitality. Then there was carrom match being played with Nanhe/his girl on one side and Champ/Nanhe’s saali on the other. :)

What followed in carrom was unbelievable. Champ was playing like a true champ of carrom. Nanhe just couldn’t believe that. Moreover, champ in process to impress Nanhe’s saali was speaking English. Imagine, our villager champ speaking English. It was just a shock hearing an idiot speaking English. Nanhe lost all the matches. In 5 matches Nanhe could score only 4 coins. 😛 They lost badly but it was fun. That carrom allowed even more quality time for Nanhe with his girl and her family. It was fun. Then after 1.5 hours, Nanhe and champ left for dinner. While leaving, Nanhe’ saali just said that “Do Come Again.” Champ was at the door and he blushingly said, “YAAAAAAAAA”.

Nanhe ne fir champ ki bahut li. Saala Angrezi bol kar impress kar raha tha.:) 

Nanhe’s girl also accompanied him to the near Pav Bhaji shop. They waited for half an hour to get the seat. That allowed even more time together. They had their dinner. It started raining again. Nanhe dropped his girl to her home under single umbrella. It was such a great evening. The events that unfolded that day were too good. Firstly, their was no plan to meet. Then they met. Then they spend time at NP, then at his Sasural and then had dinner as well.

All in all, a perfect date with fun and masti. :) :)