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Hindi Poem: Sherlyn, Poonam aur Sunny ki Jai!!

Bahut dino baad kal ek “sanskritic” samaroh mein sammilit hua
Karyakram dekhne upraant hatprabh reh gaya
kalakaron ka hunar kaabil-e-tareef tha
Aisa sama baandha ki har koi apni jagah par chipak gaya
kalakaron ne apna parichay karwaya aur bahut gyaan baanta
Poonam ne bharat ko Cricket mein champion banaya
Sherlyn ki playboy mein chapi tasveeron ne bharat ka naam roshan kiya
Sunny ne videsh mein rehte hue bollywood ke director ka dhyaan aakarshit kiya
unhone bataya ki kaise unhone apni numaaish kar kaamyabi ka “shikhar” chua
aur kaise wo nagnta failaate hue gaurvanvit mehsoos karti hain
jyon jyon Sherlyn, Poonam aur Sunny ne apna vastra-haran kiya
tyon tyon imaan dolne laga
do pal ka saath paane ka swapn dil paalne laga
aisa pradarshan ki prekshagrah mein sannata pasar gaya
pal do pal ki hulchal aur fir shithilta cha gayi
par baanvra mann abhi bhi lalaayit tha
kya kahein doston, kya nazaara tha
banaane waale ne husn to diya in “adarsh naariyon” ko
par gairat dena bhool gaya
lekin isi bahaane hamara bhala ho gaya!!


Hottest Miss Universe Contestants!


Miss Argentina: Natalie Rodriquez

Miss Brazil: Priscila Machado


Miss Chile: Vanessa Ceruti


Miss Dominican Republic: Dalia Fernandez


Miss India: Vasuki Sunkavalli


Miss Israel: Kim Edry


Miss Italy: Elisa Torrini


Miss Puerto Rico: Viviana Ortiz


Miss Russia: Natalia Gantimurova


Miss Turkey: Melisa Asli Pamuk


Miss Venezuela: Vanessa Goncalves


Courtesy: REDIFF

Women with the world’s sexiest assets

1. Scarlett Johansson, 24, was also on the list, even though she has never flashed her breasts. So was Girls Aloud member Cheryl Cole.

2. Pamela Anderson’s iconic pair is very well remembered right from her days as one of Baywatch’s babes, and Paris Hilton’s are remembered from her porn video.
Image: Pamela Anderson stands on the deck of a boat before her wedding ceremony aboard a yacht in St Tropez, France
Photograph: Eric Gaillard/Reuters

3. English Page 3 Girl Keeley Hazell’s pair made her a millionaire. The 22-year-old is also number five in the World’s Sexiest Woman stakes.

4. Liz Hurley, 43, made waves when she was seen in her black low front dress in 1994, while accompanying actor Hugh Grant to the Four Weddings And A Funeral premiere.

Source: Rediff

2009’s Sexiest Women

1> Chickipedia.com, the wiki-based online hub of the world’s most famous women, has revealed who the 100 most wanted women in 2009 are. The Top 100 winners are mostly Australians, and they include supermodel Miranda Kerr and actress Isla Fisher, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The women were among the most downloaded and searched ladies on the Internet. We bring you the top five, in reverse order.

At number five is former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson, who at 41, can still give the younger lot of lissome bodies a run for their money.

Text: ANI

2> At number four is Kim Kardashian, who is better known for her social life, sex tape scandal, feud with radio personality Ana Kasparian, and her role on the E! reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

In the picture: Kim on the cover of Playboy.

3> She’s always been hot, motherhood notwithstanding. And her hotness has been celebrated and acknowledged in Maxim’s Hot 100 selection, AskMen’s 99 Most Desirable Women in 2006 and FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World in 2007.

In the picture: Alba in a scene from The Love Guru.

4> Unlike Pamela, this British model’s assets have not been surgically uplifted thus earning them the title of ‘the most beautiful all-natural pair in Britain.’

Lucy on the cover of Raph magazine.

5> The queen of hotness still reigns. Let’s see if the newly single star of Transformers [she called off her engagement with fiance Brian Austin Green] can maintain FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World.

Megan on the cover of FHM magazine.

Source: Rediff

Guys Avoid Failure, this VALENTINE’s DAY!!

Nanhe couldn’t find a girl for himself till date, but he has studied a lot on how to seduce and attract the girl. He has been a failure when it comes to girls but you can try his tips and succeed. If you have really succeeded then just post a comment to let Nanhe know about that. Here goes our very own Nanhe.

Guys, before you can date women, you will first have to learn how to approach them and meet them. When you find a really hot girl that interests you, you can never take her on a date unless you go straight to her and use all your charm that you have mastered so you will not get rejected.

Valentine’s DayYou will not Spend Valentine’s Day Alone

  • If you are really serious about taking your success with women to a level you never ever dreamed possible. Check this out and I will tell you the reason you should avoid so you’ll never have to face failure again.
  • I haven’t used pheromones or colognes that they say do attract women when you use them, but I do know that their effects do die out. You have to realize that love is not something “instant”. It is something you build one brick at a time, invest hardwork and real emotions before you can reap results and be loved in return.
  • Picking up women can seem like a full time job for most men but if you know where and when you can go to find them, the choices of women you can get is endless. Go to where there are a lot of them!
  • Friendships with women are wonderful and some guys even have a girl for a best friend. These friendships are special in their own way BUT we all have to agree that being more than a friend to a really hot girl compares to nothing. Sources

Valentine If any girl who has read this and want to go on a date with Nanhe, do let him know. He is waiting and waiting……..

Successful FLIRTING is a stepping stone to “SUCCESS”

A seductive glance or a smart pickup line -all of us know that flirting is the crucial first step of the dating ladder. This vital interaction can either make or break our chances of developing new relationships.

FlirtFor some, flirting comes as naturally as breathing. For others, the mere thought is enough to make them tense. Many agree that one does not have to be a raving beauty or a stud to flirt successfully.. it’s only attitude. Eye contact Rahul, a diehard flirt professes, “Be positive, upbeat and self-confident.. and you’ll waste no time in attracting the opposite sex. If you’re not the confident sort, no one has to know that. Project an air of confidence by standing up straight with your chin held high and shoulders pulled back.”

Sonal feels that eye contact is a great way to flirt across the room, if one is too shy to approach the person. She adds, “This might entice the person to make the first move. Combined with a cheerful smile, this is the best way to look approachable and attract someone without saying a word.”

She feels that you have to give the impression that you’re having a good time.. people find you more attractive. For the bold sort, there’s the tried-and-tested ‘break the ice by making conversation’. But some argue that it’s difficult to carry on a Flirtconversation if the answers received are in monosyllables. Physical contact So the trick is to ask questions that require a longer response. Kunal, a self-proclaimed flirt feels that slight physical contact can work wonders. “If you are in a crowded place and it’s hard to hear, lean forward and rest your hand very lightly on the other person’s arm while he or she is talking to you.

“If the person does not approve of this, he or she will pull away. Look out for these signals and back off if necessary. You shouldn’t come across as a creep or get slapped,” he ends with a laugh. Common interests According to experts, after you’ve managed to strike a conversation, it’s important to show genuine interest in what the person is saying. Looking into the distance with glazed eyes and an offhand “yeah,” every now and then will not take you anywhere.

But nothing works like sharing common interests. Kunal liked a girl in college and made his moves after checking out her interests. He was lucky to discover that they had common interests.

Prachi married Harish after going around with him for four years. It was love at first sight for them but they were too shy to express it. Prachi laughs, “I knew he wanted to talk to me. He’s shy and I’m the reserved sort.. so none of us could make the first move. Charm appeal After a point, she got very desperate to talk to him. One day she wore a bright T-shirt with a catchy message on it. It worked. She laughs, “I can easily recommend my tried-and-tested formula to those in a similar situation.”

For many, flirting with someone doesn’t necessarily mean they want to hit the sheets with that person. It’s just a mood-booster. They never fail to compliment even a 70-year-old or flash a smile at a waiter or liftman. The bottom line is – you never know who’s watching you. Your charm could be working on a cute bystander unawares.

Source: HT Cafe