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Hindi Poem: Revolution/Corruption

चिंगारी जो दिल में थी अब भड़क गयी है

देश की जनता अब जग गयी है

लिए तिरंगा हाथों में

आज वो सड़क पर उतर गयी है…..

ये  नज़ारा  अद्भुत  है

नव  भारत  निर्माण  की  कोशिश  है

देख  अपने  लोगों  का  जूनून

भारत  माता  भी  सगर्वित  हो  गयी  है

देश  की  जनता  अब  जग  गयी  है….

नहीं  रुकेंगे  नहीं  थकेंगे

बिना  मंजिल  को  पाए

अब  तो  यह  संकल्प

जन  जन  दोहराए

चिंगारी  जो  दिल  में  थी  अब  भड़क  गयी  है

आवाम  अब  जग  गयी  है………….

संघर्ष  अब  ये  मुल्क  का  है

मशाल  जोश  की  अब  आंधी  में  भी  प्रज्वल्लित  है

टूटेंगे  किन्तु  झुकेंगे  नहीं

जज्बा  ये  अब  हर  क़दम  में  है

लड़ेंगे  जब  तक  दम  में  दम  है

चिंगारी  जो  दिल  में  थी  अब  भड़क  गयी  है….


Nanhe’s First Night!

It has been almost an year since Nanhe is working in a Software Firm. Today is his debut. A debut of full night at office. The Board Members (PL/PM) have gone for picnic. Wow!! 😛 😛
So the team is playing without any officials. There are captains who are trying to motivate their respective teams. Nanhe is independent player though :)
He is neither developer nor tester. He is Configuration Manager.

So, Nanhe has decided to give you regular update on the same 😛
Hope Nanhe will have nice time @ office. He is alone with 16 GUYS. Oh My God, Nanhe loves the company of guys. :) 😉

9:30pm: All guys are charged up. Nanhe has dobne his work so he is free for some time. Rest are busy in closing and testing the defects. Oh what is this. A couple of guys are playing computer game. Well, it is a good stress buster.
ha ha The AC’s will not be working. So security has provided 4 table fans.
Nanhe is ready to have great party tonight. Company ke paise par aish. Pel ke chicken khaayega lagta hai aaj!!

9:50pm: Nanhe has just read the HR Policies regarding the reimbursement for working late. Total food reimbursement is Rs 150/- So, Nanhe will try his level best to eat worth this amount at least. Dinner is being planned. Lets’ see when will he go!

10:10pm: Leaving for Dinner. :)

11:50pm: Back from Dinner. Had awesome food and gossip.
Had Chicken Roast, Chicken Moghlai, Chicken Tikka and Chicken Biryani along with cold drinks and roti. Finally a full Meetha Paan. Yummie!! 😛
Everyone was surprised seeing our bloody idiot and slim Nanhe eating so much. Saale ne poora Paisa Vasoola!!!!!!
There were gossips:
1> Incentives mostly arriving with next month’s salary
2> There will be pay hike but only variable component. Thus there will be hardly any change in in-hand part.
3> College and Hostel Bhaks.
4> The role of PL/PM in project.
5> Nanhe’s entertainment

12:37am: Nanhe just called her sister in Hyderabad and wished her birthday. Did some timepass. The team is busy with onsite calls, defects and testing. Nanhe is having fun. His girlfriend promised to call in 5 minutes an hour ago. Nanhe is still searching for that watch which his gf is referring.
Arre yeh kya. Nanhe ke liye kaam aa gaya. Bahut Khoob.

1:20am: Nanhe finished with the job of branching. Now busy reading few articles on rediff. Few guys are yawning while few are trying their best to resolve the defects. Nanhe has entertained few of them with his pakau shayris.

2:15am: Time is passing by very fast. Nanhe is busy reading newspapers. There was a song session in last hour. Nanhe played songs like Kabza, Lakshya, few sad songs. There was entertainment from songs like Emotional Attyachar Gaali waala version, Sutta etc. All are enjoying and cracking jokes from time to time. Nanhe tried to sleep but woke up after 15 minutes.

3:30am: A latest dump was imported. Pointed a new application on that. Gave some Errors but now its hopefully resolved. Few guys have slept. This sleep is damn infectious. Nanhe is also feeling very sleepy. He must take a nap now. Now it is getting challenging for everyone to awake and complete work.

4:50am: Nanhe had awesome sleep for 70 minutes. Duw to some error, he was called as NSG for 26/11  by his project mates. The error was resolved in 10 minutes. Meanwhile, Kattu was dancing to reduce stress and others were laughing and enjoying. More than 5 people have gone to sleep.

5:50am: A hot tea was brought and Nanhe listened to few good songs on his cell. There is no work for him now except for support. :)

7am: It appears that all the work by developers is done. Some Testing is remaining only. Half of guys are already slept and will now take leave.

7:55am: Nanhe is finally leaving.

8:40am: Nanhe has reached home. Now lot of work to do. He has to meet Rao, Satan, finish with the court work, shopping, etc. Lets hope Nanhe is able to finish all his tasks today.

Have a great day ahead………….. :) :)