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2011 Cricket World Cup will be ours!

India_Cricket_World_Cup_WallpaperNanhe is an ardent fan of Cricket.
India has win convincingly over Bangladesh in the opening match.
Here is a short poem written by Nanhe for Dhoni & Co. wishing them all the best for their campaign………….

One billions heart
One desire
2011 World Cup
Should be ours!

The 28 years wait has been long
It shouldn’t be any longer
Get over the opponents
And show them our vigor

Sachin Sehwag will anhilate
Gambhir Virat Yuvraj causing devastation
Dhoni Pathan will desolate
Zaheer Bhajji: a lethal combination
supported by Nehra Patel
will demolish any opposition

Let there be no doubt
Thump the world
and send the message
clear and loud
2011 World Cup
is going to be ours!

Being brutal and austerous
Obdurate and relentless
is the key for execution
and to open the doors of realization

The countdown is over
The game has begun
Stakes are high
Expectations and nerves even higher
We are sure that 2011 world cup
will be ours!

Chak de India!!!!