Terror Strikes Again and “हम आतंकी घटना की निंदा करते हैं!!”

Manmohan SinghManmohan Singh, The Prime Minister of India condemning terrorist attack is no small thing. He yet again condemned the terror strikes but has till date failed to do anything substantial to enhance internal security. हर आतंकी घटना के बाद हम यही सुनते हैं कि भारत आतंकियों के सामने नतमस्तक नहीं होगा, पर मैं पूछना चाहता हूँ की सरकार ने क्या किया है गुनाहगारों को सजा देने के लिए अभी तक!

Then also CONDEMNING the terror is also not a mean achievement. Right?

@ the immediate repurcussion, the terrorists are forced to disclose their identity;

@ had there been no condemnation, there would be such attacks every other day;

@ such condemnation heals the wounds of the victims and their families;

@ such condemnation boost the morale of the defence personnel;

@ such condemnation invariably secures the border;

@ such condemnation put the terrorists on the back foot;

@ in the bargain the PM negotiate personal enimity with the terrorists;

@ such condemnation save the life of millions of people;

@ condemning is not so easy as it is ordinarily presumed. It requires courage and conviction, an inner desire to protect the lives of people, to the best of one’s abilities.

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