Thank God!!!!! October is over

Thank God !! October is over. The October heat has gone into my head this time around. In odd semesters of Engineering October is one month which gives tensions and more tensions.

Studying baby
Reason —- With the term end approaching one need to complete all pending assignments, journals, presentations, projects and mandatory attendance in lectures.
All the “good” engineering students never complete their work on time. I am proud to be a “good” one. The months started and the hunt for journals and assignments was on. By that time only few were available in the “market” and remaining were about to hit “market” in few days. Anyways by fitting 15 page matter in 5, i was able to finish my journals and assignments by the time Eid-ul-Fitr was celebrated all over. Before Dusshehra i was supposed to make 3 presentations in the class. I rushed to department notice board to recall the topics of presentations which i submitted some 60 days back at starting of the semester.
I searched for the three presentations on internet. Google solved my 66.67% of the problem. I found the two ready made presentations but was unable to “trace” the third one. This was the first time that I was “guilty” of preparing a presentation on my own. My friends “ridiculed” me for submitting an “original” work in Engineering. Some how presentations were over by third week and i scored good grades as well – ‘B’. The next big tension was attendance.
As I was begging for attendance to my professors, a notice was circulated by college management which read like ” a student will have to write extra assignment for each attendance they are falling short by compulsory 75% required to appear in exams.” I was short of 10 lectures which meant 10 extra assignments. All hell broke loose and i hurled abuse to all those who sat for the lecture but didn’t signed for me and the college management for such a weird and stupid decision at the end. As a part of “exclusive ragging” program in hostel i handed over assignments to my juniors. The term has ended and so has the tensions.
The theory and oral exams are starting next week but that is not a big deal if you “run in the race for forty marks.” You can get these marks by looking “here and there.”
Hopefully i will pass the exams with “flying colours.”

0 thoughts on “Thank God!!!!! October is over

  1. The Clairvoyant

    LOL.. amaxing piece of work… where did u google this from??? Or are u a “bad” engineer and wrote this by yourself?? 😛

  2. vivek

    true.. the real essence of ur being an engineer is the fact that u got this from elsewhere..
    but i can also appreciate the fact that u managed to write so much, which also proves that u are indeed an engineer, since u get the time to do all such activites to “divert” ur attention…

  3. Nilendu Vimal

    now this is one of the best one can write about the engineers (read in mending phase)…a real picture depicting the real fact unknown to the outer world …till now i feel the field of engineering has remained the dark continent in the education sector ..though a lot of hard effort is being put in by so many people around the world to understand the bizarre world of engineers but the picture still remains gloomy as our eastern neighbor(read china)remains for the world . The engineers (the made up one ) are the real symbol of extra suffering ,extra dedication,extra hard work,extra effort, extra high concentration … the long list of praising will go on and on ..its other thing that all these extra comes at the death time …the night before the D-day…but anyways an effort is an effort you can’t take away the credit from him ….

  4. imran hashmi

    a real good stuff for that october month dude…this all things prove that u n real tough engineer…an engineer has to suffer all kinds of tortures possible,although himself responsible for that but this is wat an engi is all bout mann loves to divert all possible difficulties to himself n face it with fun…..keep it up dude good wrk n always b the “good engi”..

  5. babita

    working on the D-day, attendance problem, assignments, presentation, test is the case with every students, even in management schools but ya at the end of semister we learn to know how to manage our time when you have 2presentation, 1 test, submit a project report and plan for the community development programm ‘ action plan’ –ALL ON THE SAME DAY. you may say thats why you are in a mangement collge but ya i know is actually manage your work but when you have to make 6 to 8 people work in group its diffcult and that too in girls college.


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