The Hostel Life: Full of “Bhaks and Fun”

Nanhe lived in the college hostel from the year 2004-08. The time has passed so fast but the memories or as has and his friends say “ADHYAY” are so many that it might not be possible to pen down each of them in this post.
The hostel life for Nanhe started in October 2004 and from there on he has met with various people. Some very interesting and some even more interesting. He and his few very good friends resided in Room No 212 and 312 of the hostel.
The first incident which comes into mind is that of ragging. Ragging was great fun. In one of many incidents, Satan (P S) was asked to put a big “Danda” near Nanhe’s “LING” and was asked to sucked it! In another incident “CHAMP” was made to run from one side of the room to another and was asked to blow horn at various virtual stops. Can you guess how he was supposed to blow horn—- By pressing his butts!!
One when Nanhe, Champ and Rawal Saaheb were walking in the campus when seniors like S Mittal asked all three of them to sit on rostrum near Arts College and pose like the three monkeys of Gandhiji.
Champ was asked to be “Jo bandar dekh nahi sakta” and the champ closed his ears. WoW! said S Mittal!!!!
At that same time Satan was running barefoot with slippers in his hands. Kya Scene Hai!
Then in the second year after Dada left Hiten Jain “Apna Profit” came to Nanhe’s room. In those 2 months there was so much negative energy in the room. The guy cried on every little things. “Aaj Garmi nahut Hai”, “Kuch Samajh nahi aa raha hai”, “Mess ka khaana bahut jhaantu hai” etc etc were his few statements. In August 2005, Satan joined Nanhe’s room and SS joined the hostel. Thereafter started—-एक नया इतिहास जिसमे रोजाना एक नया अध्याय जोड़ा गया……..

1. One Night Nanhe, Rawal Saaheb, Champ were very depressed of having no girl friends while Satan was enjoying the life with Soooooooo Mannyyyyyyy.
Nanhe requested Satan to find him the one girl as well. He readily agreed and next day Nanhe dressed in New Kurta and reached cafe near the hostel. He was made to wait for couple of hours and drank atleast 4 cups of coffee ALONE…….. WTF Man……….
The same night when the discussion was going on, Rawal Saaheb was sleeping but something happened and he suddenly waked and in a very बेचारी condition said to Satan– यार हमारा भी कुछ जुगाड़ लगाओ न……! Nanhe and Satan laughed like anything seeing the face and ishtyle of Rawal Saaheb.

2. While Nanhe and Rawal Saaheb cleaned the room every week and when ever they asked Satan and Champ to clean they will say “कल ही तो लगाई थी, पूछ लीजिये इससे……” They both will team up and continued to enjoy the clean room!!

3. Rawal Saaheb को बीच बीच में कुछ हो जाता था. एक दिनों वोह मोजे पहन कर सो जाते थे तो कभी सर पर रूमाल बाँध कर, एक दिने GYM जाते थे तो एक दिनों दूध पीता थे…….. एक बार Cricket खेलते थे तो अगले दिनों सन्यास गोषित कर देते थे…… Rawal Saaheb was just an amazing personality.
But he was like an elder brother to all 2008 batch people and was very dear to 2,3/12 room.

4. एक नयी भख पेली जाती थी in semester 6th when Rawal Saaheb used to get mangoes for us from his farm. खाने के बाद सबको message किया जाता था………“आम पेल दिया गया है…..”

5. The real fun time was of the exams when all the people ran for some अज्ञातवास to study. Nanhe used to taught new “AASANS” to cope with the examination fun.

6. Remember that SS episode. He was very happy that finally a very sexy girl and his old friend had break off with his BF and was showing interest in SS. Then one night he entered 212 in under wear and said, “हमारा चूतिया कट गया , उसका तो पहले से ही boy friend है” All the roommates laughed a lot that night and enjoyed the SS’s various comments.

7. The “BAAP” of all Bakchodis was when Satan and Nanhe had some very weird argument in night that went on to a bet. In the mid of corridor what happened is known to few. Satan must be laughing reading this. Champ was sleeping that time and rushed out of room and very excitedly told everyone.

8. There was one incident in Rajwadi. Maruti clarified that there is no chicken available today but our dearest Mity continued asking —-“चिकन है चिकन है “. Maruti was irritated badly that time. Yaad hai Mity kuch??

9. Our champ created new records every time. Champ had his semester KT exam and nanhe was going to Churchgate for some work. Champ came down to hostel with Nanhe and just before entrance to the college he said,”रुको मैं भी चलता हूँ “. Nanhe was stunned but then this is so especial about our champ.

10. Why was KK named Babu is also very interesting story. एक बार Babu की मूछों में एक सफ़ेद बाल देखा गया था और उसके बाद उन्हें Babu की उपाधी से नवाजा गया था. समय के साथ साथ वे पूरे कालेज में Babu के नाम से famous हो गए.

11. During the tour of South Africa in 2006, India performed very badly in the ODI series. The Champ was so disturbed by the defeat that he pasted photographs of few SA batsmen/bowler and practised hard looking at them.


Note: If u remember any of our bhakhs then write it in the comments. Lets’ remember all those funny moments.

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  1. Satan

    Hey nice 1 yaar… saala ye to bahut mast likh diya tumne… padh kar to maza hi aa gaya… kaash ye sab khatam na hua hota yaar… Thoda aur time milta to aur bhak peli jaati…

  2. Rishabh

    Haan lekin mujhe lagta hai ki abhi bahut saare kisse nahi include hue hain….. yaad aaye to daalte jaao…. kuch saal baad padhenge to aur mazaa aayega….


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