Valentino Bash!!

This Valentine’s Day was different for Nanhe. For last 23 years, Nanhe has either celebrated this day with his “boy-friends” or have out and out “opposed” the day as many other organizations do.It is basically a nothing but the frustration that creeps in such people due to no girls in their life. They become so jealous with the ones who have a girl friend!!

But the February 14th, 2009 will be a remarkable day because, Nanhe went with a girl. Would you believe this? Our very own Nanhe went with a girl!!!! It is indeed very shocking and so many of Nanhe’f friends are just not willing to believe.

There are many reasons for the same because despite all the efforts in last 23 years, Nanhe couldn’t get any girl. The people who have spent time with him that how great a duffer our Nanhe is. This bloody idiot literally shivers while talking to girls. So what sudden transformation he has undergone that he has hit the ball out of boundary. It is really very difficult to say and if this news is true then many of  his friends are sure to commit the suicide.

Imagine our stupid Nanhe going around with a girl and we are still hanging with boys.
Have we really turned into gays!!
How come all of sudden Nanhe got so lucky. For last 5 years he has celebrated this day with me and now he has ditched me. If there is girl in his life probably he thinks that we are out classed!!!! Hw is not wrong eithere. Ha ha….
Then How Nanhe got so much courage to give a RED ROSE to a girl. This just does not goes with the “AWESOME personality” of our Nanhe. (pun intended)
I am willing to believe that Nanhe has got a girl. But who so ever that girl is, Is she blind?? or this LOVE IS BLIND.

Sorry but i am still in total disbelief. Right now our champ is with Nanhe and we will wait to listen from him and see if he has any confirmation about this news.

0 thoughts on “Valentino Bash!!

  1. bpk

    dude, i never knew nanhe is so despo. main to usse ek SEEDHA SADHA SHAREEF ladka samjhta tha :)

    yaar, who else can strt hunting since d day he was born !!
    (its written out dere, “despite all the efforts in last 23 years, Nanhe couldn’t get any girl”)

    either dis is something which is out of kitty now, or deres is something cooking very bad agianst him !!

  2. Rishabh

    Whatever be the case but if its true then i will commit suicide…
    Saala usko bhi ladki mil gayi to main sabki….. [:)]


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