When the RAPE is INEVITABLE, Enjoy It!

Exam is FUNAs you all know that Nanhe has just given his Examinations and is having a gala time.
The Oral Examinations of the final year of engineering was indeed a big fun, though few call it stress but Nanhe has always called it like a CRICKET Match. Nanhe and his team members appeared for 9 matches in the final year. Moreover, in this game of CRICKET you can hardly do anything when the bowling attack is unknown and they are allowed to bowl “N” number of bouncers in an over.

The choice is very limited and thus the best thing is to go out and enjoy in the oral examinations. Because any how you will be RAPED so its better that you enjoy the RAPE!

Nanhe devised few clear cut strategies which can make sure that you will atleast not fail in an oral exam.

1. Always wear formal dress. Your attire gives you five marks.
2. Comb your hair without oil and always BE CONFIDENT while facing the balls from the opposition. This can get you 5 more marks.

So you need not to do anything if you follow the above two steps.

In case you are lucky then it is possible that you are able to hit few balls for single or double then your total marks obtained will be 5 more. One thing keep in mind while facing “SNAKY” in KJSCE that he is very deceptive. He will ask what have you studied? Then will ask questions from all topics except those you told him you studied.
And never ask him for choices. He has only two choice—- Zero or 1 !!
In an oral exam you often go to crease with 2-3 players and thus you need to make sure that you rotate the strike so that every gets a chance to face a particular “ball” and if anyone connects it then it might fetch you maximum!
Remember, in this game of ORAL exam you need to compliment and enjoy your partner’s success.
If you don’t do that then you are stupid and will cause the harm in the overall scoring of the duo or trio.
Always maintain a nice SMILE on your face, no matter how hard it is getting!
SMILE can definitely fetch you few marks more.
B+ because even if you are unable to play a single ball then you have lifeline. But tat lifetime is very time consuming. Nanhe was offered such a lifeline in AWP and it took him 2-3 hours to complete the DRAWING of 25 antennas but later he score 12 marks. So you must be positive because you will hardly be bowled for DUCK in an oral exam.

So all of NANHE’s juniors and others who will be giving oral examinations, don’t worry and give a best SHOT and enjoy the RAPE!!

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