Why Bike is better than a Girlfriend?

Recently, a survey was conducted and Nanhe has exclusive reports of that. It says that whenever a guy breaks up with a girl, he tends to drive fast. There can be numerous reasons and Nanhe has found few too. It seems that bike has few advantages of the girls and the list mentioned below is not exhaustive. You can add your own comments if you have any reasons. Valentine’s day is coming and there will be few more “heartbreak kids” driving their bike and pouring love for the same. It’s really ironical that Valentine’s day witnesses lots of relationships going down the roads……

Reasons why bike is better than a girlfriend?

1. You can go out with your bike anytime.
2. You can get on top of it without thinking too much about the consequences.
3. You can have one bike for training, another one for racing, one more for just having fun  – and the best thing they won’t kill each other while shut in one garage togeher.
4. You have liberty to ride your friend’s most “dashing and superb” bike.
5. If your motorcycle weigh 450 pounds, your friends won’t laugh at you and call you looser.
6. Having a bike is comapratively much cheaper.
7. Bike never crib or complain.
8. Bikes go as per your wish.
9. They don’t need any explanation as why you went with “other one.”
10. No emosnal attyachar.
11. Whenever you are tired of using one type of bike, you can switch to another.
12. Bikes can be very supportive, they listen and agree to your solution of the problem without uttering a word.
13. Girls are hardly stoppaple when turned on. Bikes are much easier to stop.
14. When you go out for shopping with your bike, you can buy anything and everything for yourself.
15. You don’t have to remember the date of purchasefirst ridefirst won race and the other dates to do with your bike, and celebrate them.
16. Lastly, bikes don’t have parents and therefore you need not to worry about them.

0 thoughts on “Why Bike is better than a Girlfriend?

  1. Maggi

    On a contrary Note..Points for Y a GF is better den a bike!!

    1)U can only get on top of the bike unlike a GF
    2)Bikes can be a disaster with failed breaks!!!
    3)Maintenance of bike can be hefty!! And much hefty sum when it breaksdown!!
    4)U cannot make luv with da bike!!
    5)bike unfortunately do not have parents unlike GF’s parents who can b prime source of income!!
    6)Bike cannot relax u wen u are tired like a GF!
    7)Bikes agree 2 the solution cos dey are not capable of giving 1!!!
    8)GF can advice u wat 2 buy wen shopping which a bike cannot!!
    9)A GF can fill ur stomach by cooking but a bike cannot!!


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