Why should i treat you on my BIRTHDAY????

I’ve been banned from having birthdays
A new rule has been made
Signed ,sealed and delivered
By the local Fire Brigade!
They say that all those candles
Would create such a blaze
They’d have to come and put it out
And stay around for days !

Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.

Men have a ridiculous notion that getting older is good. “I’m 65 and still can do the work of any 25-year-old,” is the boast you often hear from the male populous. Most women will never admit to being 65, let alone comparing themselves to some 25-year-old.

Birthday BabyIn as much as birthdays are a cause for celebration once you pass the magical age of 21 and can drink like a camel and carry a gun in public. Legally, that is. I mean, after that there isn’t really all that much to celebrate when the number you report in the “Age” field goes up by one, is there? h, and having grown up somewhere other than here, I celebrated my permission to drink like a sponge quite a bit before the age of 21. Of course, had it not been for my good luck and Providence in getting here, I’d have probably never celebrated the day when I could legally carry a gun, so I’m not complaining at all.

So what to celebrate after 21?
Birthdays are great when they’re someone else’s. I would rather mine be ignored entirely. I know I should be grateful to have a birthday – beats the alternative, right? I just feel that the counting down of years is such an unimportant measure of my worth and who I am. My physical age says absolutely nothing about me. Yet that number, if known, leads to a perception of me that is certainly wrong. Ha Ha Ha…..

I figure it’s my birthday tomorrow, so I should be able to celebrate whichever one I please. You must be planning how to have party from me.
I am writing the post on the eve of my birthday, just to tell you that I am not going to treat anyone of you this time. Come on Yaar, why you want a treat everytime on my birthday????
I was just wondering last night that what is so special about the Birthday’s that people celebrate it like anything?
May be they are “mad”!!!!!!!!

Why should I celebrate my Birthday?

It’s birthday time again I see;
Another year’s gone by.
We’re older than we used to be;
The thought could make me cry.

Just Because…….

  • I have lost a precious year from my life or i have grown old by one more year.
  • “You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake”.
  • Last year it was ok as i completed my 21 and that allows to marry me legally. But not this time (हर बार अपनी नहीं बजने दूंगा ………..).
  • You will disturb me in the midnight and will say ” Happy Birthday”. Who will make up for the precious sleep then?
  • You will kick my ass umpteen number of times and say it as BIRTHDAY BUMPS. Then you expect me to treat you on the occasion.
  • Who will take care about that “reddish butt” which resulted from your kicks.
  • You people will never send me the gifts. You will just get a cake and in return you want a Non-Veg treat.
  • We all will be screwed in our Oral exams tomorrow and you want to celebrate my birthday. That’s stupid. Isn’t it? पढाई करो भाई लोगों जन्मदिन तो आते जाते रहते हैं……………
  • तुम सब तो अपनी items के साथ आओगे और हम क्या करेंगे सिर्फ ……
  • So this time no party but you all can send the gifts to me. Though i don’t expect it from you.
  • अगर अभी भी तुमको पार्टी चाहिए तो Somaiya Ground No 2 पर आ जाना, मस्त पार्टी है वहीं ऐश करेंगे….

Just Ending on serious note.

I’ll wake up tomorrow and embrace another year. Another year with more laughter than tears, more success than failure, more hope than despair, and more love than I deserve. Bring it on!

Oh, and dear Lord, thank you for the gift of this last year, with all its hard-learned lessons, and bringing me through safe and healthy, with my family intact. With your blessings I’ll make it through another.
Thank you all for your wishes.

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