Wonder Woman!!

This interesting story appeared in Hindustan Times some days back. Read it!

A FEMALE real estate agent’s sex addiction has compelled her to pounce on more than one thousand men. Amy Michaels, 32, has confessed on bedding over 1000 men. However, she insists she’s no slut.

Tee“I’ve had sex with at least 1,000 men-but I’m no slut. I’m a sex addict,” News of the World quoted Michaels, as saying.

“I began doing it with clients while we were supposed to be viewing houses. I had a boyfriend at the time but it wasn’t enough. At the same time I was also at it with a colleague at work. We used a house we were supposed to be selling and one night I ended up in a threesome with him and his flatmate.”

She lost her virginity at an early age of 17 when she took a job at McDonald’s while at college on a business studies course. “I ended up sleeping with the boss while I was already having a fling with another boy there, having sex anywhere we could, even before kiddies’ parties. Her addiction even made her pounce on a security guard while working as a PR at a music festival.

SexWell Nanhe discussed about this woman. Many of his friends said that she is a slut while others believed that she is a sex maniac. Nanhe felt that the lady is a “SOCIAL WORKER”.
Yes because she is doing social work by providing “SEX” to so many men who live and die for sex only. This woman will be huge success in India and will be received very well by Indian men. India is already facing the problem of dipping sex ratio. If experts are to be believed, there will be huge shortage of girls in next 50 years and thus many men will remain unmarried whole life. This woman will be “handy” to all those unmarried men. In fact India requires more such “social workers”. These social work can also check the crime rate against woman such as rape, molestation etc. Imagine someone asking the lady about her profession. She says “Hi! I am social worker and would like to help you out as well.” It sounds great yaar.
Nanhe salutes this Woman.

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